Two Penguins On USFL Rosters

Two Penguins on USFL Rosters
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The “reboot” USFL’s inaugural season has shown mixed receptions and concern.  With that being said, it’s been a good resource for players getting opportunities.  Two of these players on rosters are former Penguins who look to help their teams this season and get a shot back in the NFL.

Two Penguins On USFL Rosters: Charles Baldwin

With the first pick in the seventh round, the Pittsburgh Maulers selected former YSU linemen Charles Baldwin.  Baldwin started nine games for the Penguins in 2018, transferring from Kansas.  After his first season at YSU, he was drafted into the CFL, signing with the BC Lions.  For the Maulers, he’s shown promise and has played in all three games, starting two. The Maulers and Baldwin are looking for their first win on the season.  They have a chance to get that this week against the Houston Gamblers.

Two Penguins who are on USFL Rosters: David Rivers

In the 10th round, the New Jersey Generals selected David Rivers, a former cornerback for the Penguins.  At Youngstown State, Rivers finished his senior season with 33 tackles, starting 40 games at Youngstown State.  Once his college career wrapped up, it was time to jump shift to the NFL, in hope of making a roster.  It was a challenge but seemed to pay off as in 2017 when he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He played a total of three games for them, but an injury got in the way and led to Rivers being waived on May 24th, 2019.

Rivers transitioned into the newly formed XFL, being drafted by the New York Guardians in the third round, but was then traded by the end of January to the St. Louis Battlehawks. But like most athletes during that time, however, the worse was yet to come as his contract was terminated.  This termination was a result of the XFL suspending operations and officially canceling the rest of the season in 2020 due to the pandemic.


One season later, Rivers was now a Winnipeg Blue Bomber but had limited playing time.  Now, it seems he has found his home with the New Jersey Generals as its turned around his football career.  So far, his stat line has him with 8 total tackles on the season.

While only the Generals have had the most success, everyone back in Youngstown hopes for both players to find success and for the Gamblers and Maulers to make the playoffs.

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