USF Announces Spring Game

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USF Announces Spring Game

Just a couple of weeks after releasing their full schedule, USF has announced the commencement day of their annual Spring Game. The green vs white game will be played on April 6th at Raymond James kicking off at 6 pm.

The True Meaning of Spring Game?

For USF the Spring game has a lot of meaning to it. With only a few seniors graduating, USF’s young group on offense and defense will hope to demonstrate why this group can prove a lot of people wrong. Considering the team fell to a disappointing 2-10 last year, the bulls look towards this one to show off why this season could be a promising one.

QB situation

Heading into the Spring game, lots of questions are still being asked about who will start come game one. Even though we’re still waiting on roster assignments, be prepared to see most of the QBs on the depth chart play. Timmy McClain started about ¾ of the games last year so expect him to have the early lead on the starting position. Furthermore, Katravis Marsh will look to show out in the spring game to give him a chance to start.

Despite the main battle for the starting position, Ridge Jacobs along with Ryan Bolduc just hope to get in the Spring game. Jacobs and Bolduc are going to be competing in their first spring games considering their both true freshmen.

Offensive Transfer Player Expectations

As we approach the Spring game expectations start to build for incoming transfers. A couple of big transfers on the offensive of the ball to look out for will be Khafre Brown (WR), Ajou Ajou (WR), Michel Dukes (RB), and Zach Perkins (OT).

Brown will be an enormous add-on to the USF wide receiver room. Brown’s speed is what makes him so fun to watch. Brown will showcase why it could be dangerous to leave him in space, keep an eye on him in the Spring game.

Ajou Ajou is a huge addition and will look to use his size to his advantage in the Spring game. Ajou stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 224lbs. He was previously committed to Clemson and now is moving down to Tampa where he will look to find a permanent home at USF.

Michel Dukes is a fellow Clemson transfer just like Ajou. He will look to make a positive impact considering his toughness and downhill running ability. Look for him to shed holes and make defenders miss during the spring game.

Zach Perkins is yet another big transfer coming from Maryland who will be able to help out the offensive line. Perkins stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 321lbs. With how huge of a tackle Zach is expect him to give any of these QBs a lot of time.

With These four big transfers coming in expect to see a different offensive scheme from Travis Trickett. Considering all these guys are coming from power five schools you could see a lot of good from USF offensively in the green vs white game.

Defensive Transfer Player Expectations

On the defensive side of the ball, some transfers that could cause some trouble for the guys on the opposing side of the ball will be Jatorian Hansford (Edge), Ray Thornton (S), James Gordon IV (LB), and Derrell Bailey Jr.

Hansford will be one to watch during this exhibition-type match. He stands at 6’4 and weighs in at 220. You would think because of Hansford’s size he wouldn’t be able to move as quickly, well you may want to think again. Jatorian has speed like no other edge, the mobile quarterbacks for USF will have to be cautious when he’s on the field during this game.

Ray Thornton yet another transfer from Clemson will look to add some size and serious physicality to the secondary. Thornton who stands at 6’1 and weighs in at 207 is a big presence that USF is looking for.

James Gordon IV a transfer from Minnesota is as good of a linebacker as you’ll get. Gordon stands at 6’1 and weighs in at 230, his explosiveness is what makes him stand out from most others. When he’s on the field he will break through the USF offensive line quickly and create pressure.

Lastly, Derrell Bailey Jr. comes from Virginia Tech. Bailey is a great addition to the defensive line group at USF. The bulls have struggled the past few seasons with forcing QBs to make bad decisions. Bringing Bailey will make that much easier considering his size. He stands at 6’6 and weighs in at 296 so he’ll be a force against about any o-linemen.

The USF defense will look extremely scary if these four transfers can shape up into their role. Of course, it will take time getting to know the team but after the Spring game is ready for the boys to make a huge impact.

High Hopes

With the Spring game approaching, USF will prepare to show everyone a little taste of what this year should look like. Furthermore, USF is ranked #35 in 2022 Transfer Football Team Rankings according to 247sports. Surprisingly, the bulls actually have the most recruits out of the top 34 teams with 14.

There’s a lot of hope that transfers along with returners will have so much to prove. The talent on the USF roster is there they just got to prove it on the field.