Why Texas A&M is On Track To Be The Best CFB Program

Why Texas A&M is On Track To Be The Best CFB Program

The Texas A&M Aggies have established their program as one of the best in college football during this past decade. Unfortunately, the Aggies have yet to win an SEC or national championship, but their projection for the coming years is better than any other squad. Here are some reasons why Texas A&M will have the best team in Division 1 football.

Jimbo Fisher

Having a head coach like Jimbo Fisher with a national championship under his belt is a huge plus for the Aggies. Fisher is one of the few Division 1 coaches with more than 100 wins, and he is undefeated in bowl games during his tenure at Texas A&M.

While he is yet to have a 10-win season in College Station, Fisher has proven to be excellent with experienced squads. In fact, his most experienced squads were in 2013, 2014, and 2020; each of these years, his teams finished with at most one loss. 

Furthermore, Fisher is from the select group of coaches to beat Nick Saban at Alabama and Dabo Swinney at Clemson, who both have the most national championships among current coaches. All in all, Fisher has shown that he can compete with the best of the best in every aspect.

Kyle Field Atmosphere

Look no further than Kyle Field for one of the biggest reasons why recruits often choose Texas A&M to play football. Although ESPN analysts may question the ‘intimidating environment’ of Kyle Field, those rumors were shut down when the Aggies upset the No. 1 Crimson Tide in October.

Moreover, Kyle Field always gets loud with a capacity of over 100,000, and fans come to support the Aggies regardless of the location. There have been instances where the stadium hosted over 108,000 people as well. The 12th man will do whatever it takes to ensure that the team has the fans’ support, and that’s what makes Kyle Field’s atmosphere just different.  

SEC Play

The criteria for being one of the best college football programs in America include playing in the best conference. The last three national championship teams are from the SEC, and the SEC West is undoubtedly the best division in the entirety of college football. Texas A&M is fortunate to be a member of the SEC West, which is a contributing factor to the Aggies’ tough schedule; having to play the likes of Alabama, LSU, and Auburn on a yearly basis is no easy task.

However, the revenue that SEC play brings in for the Aggies helps the team to afford plentiful resources. This money often plays a hand in recruiting, and Texas A&M is situated in one of the richest areas of talent: Texas. Recruits in the state will often choose to stay home and play in the best conference, unlike Texas, which is very similar to the weekly grind of the NFL.

Adaptation to NIL

As most people already know, the Aggies brought in perhaps the best recruiting class in history according to 247Sports in 2022. This class includes an astounding amount of seven five-stars and 19 four-stars. While people complain about the impact of NIL and how Texas A&M got these players, Jimbo Fisher and his staff have done an incredible job of using NIL to their advantage and recruiting these talented players. 

In the future, Texas A&M will likely have to compete with Alabama and Georgia in the NIL era to recruit the nation’s best high-schoolers. If the coaching staff can maintain their performance from 2021, the Aggies will be among the most talented teams. Overall, the cream-of-the-crop talent is necessary for Texas A&M to reach that next level.

Concluding Thoughts

Because of these reasons, Texas A&M is in the discussion as one of the best programs in college football. In the forthcoming years, the Aggies need to prove that with their performance on the field to be in the discussion with other national championship teams. It’s only a matter of time before Texas A&M gets to the top, but they must first get through the grueling gauntlet of the SEC.