McGuire Introductory Press Conference Reaction

Texas Tech successful first season

The future of Texas Tech football officially started on 11/9/2021. The Joey McGuire introductory press conference was full of passion and stoked the flames of hope for the Red Raider nation. When it was all over, it was clear McGuire won the press conference.


Once McGuire was brought up to the podium by athletic director Kirby Hocutt, McGuire started his opening remarks in a unique fashion. McGuire’s daughter attended Texas Tech, and he left no doubt on how excited he was to be in Lubbock. He sidestepped the podium and belted out “RAIDER!” The standing-room-only crowd thundered back with “POWER!” McGuire still appeared to not have fully caught his breath as he exclaimed, “MAN! I’VE BEEN WAITING ALL MY LIFE TO DO THAT!” And just like that, he had the audience hanging on every word McGuire was about to share with them.

Spanky’s Cheese

After thanking many members of the Texas Tech administration and his family, McGuire endeared himself again gushing about he couldn’t wait to be a part of the community. He even mentioned how he couldn’t wait to get to Spanky’s “to get some of that fried cheese.” He had already unified the fan base with comments like this, but then he dove headfirst into his specific role as the head football coach.

“I’m A High School Coach That Coaches College Football”

McGuire did not shy away from the backbone of his coaching experience. It is his experience and his success at the high school level (and more importantly the relationships he has built in the state) that are major factors in his securing this position. That is already evident on the recruiting trail has McGuire secured three verbal commitments before even arriving in Lubbock. In a 24 hour period, McGuire elevated the 2022 recruiting class from the 80th nationally and last in the Big 12, to 62nd nationally and seventh in the Big 12. McGuire referenced the roughly 1,400 text messages he has received from Texas high school coaches in the state congratulating him.

Passion, Passion, And More Passion

“I will be fired up to see you. You will get the same guy. I’m like the sun. Constant. Rise and set.” McGuire stressed the importance of building real relationships everywhere within the program. Every word he used to discuss these relationships was oozing with real passion. Not, “Mama, I’m home” passion Red Raider fans, unfortunately, have experienced in the past. McGuire appears that these relationships are also going to be long lasting as he proclaimed, “I’ve only worked four places: my alma mater at Crowley, Cedar Hill, five years at Baylor and I will die here at Texas Tech.”

As the McGuire introductory press conference began to wrap up, he stated, “I don’t know where we are at right now. But I know where we are going to be.” He also made it clear he has to secure West Texas players. He also flatly stated he is looking to recruit and develop players who can play in the NFL. McGuire is setting the standard for recruiting in a place that it hasn’t historically been at Texas Tech.

The Introductory Press Conference Is Over. Now What?

McGuire’s final remark before walking off the stage was “Now it’s time to get to work.” In fairness, McGuire had already started the work on the recruiting trail. But now it’s time to build a staff. According to David Collier, McGuire has a “$4.8M assistant coach pool + 1.85M pool for Strength & Support Staff”. A $6.6 million assistant pool is a major indicator that Hocutt and the booster wanted to provide the support to let McGuire hire the exact staff he needs to compete and compete now. Interim head coach Sonny Cumbie will continue coaching the games for the rest of the season. But there will not be a dull day for McGuire from here until the 2022 season kicks off. However, for at least one day, McGuire has Red Raider fans excited for the future of Texas Tech football.