Football Friday Tailgate Recipe: Kahlua Brownie Surprise

Football Friday Tailgate Recipe: Kahlua Brownie Surprise

Happy Football Friday.  After a couple of weeks of savory treats, it’s time for a sweet treat.  How are you enjoying football season so far? How many of these tailgate recipes have you tried? Also, did you save the Root Beer BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe? This week’s recipe was sent to me by another Vanderbilt faithful Melinda Williams, from her lifelong tailgating friend Tracy Dye.  Thank you to the Vandy fans that stepped up and shared their recipes. I really appreciate y’all. Anchor Down and Y’all enjoy!

Football Friday Tailgate Recipe: Kahlua Brownie Surprise


  • Chocolate Instant Pudding 1 large box (follow directions on the box)
  • Brownie Mix 1 box ( follow directions on the box)
  • Cool Whip 1 large container
  • Kahlua 1 cup or more- (if you like)

What To Do: 

  • Prepare pudding and place in refrigerator.
  • Bake brownies. 
  • When they come out of the oven, poke holes and pour the Kahlua over the warm brownies
  • When the pudding is set and brownies are cooled
    • for individual servings for tailgating layer in plastic cups.
      • Brownies, pudding, Cool whip,  
  • You can grate a chocolate bar on the top layer of Cool whip for decoration.
  • Keep refrigerated! 

On The Menu

See you next Friday for the Football Friday Tailgate Recipe. Up next week another tasty tailgate treat.  I just haven’t decided if it’s going to savory or sweet. Have a GREAT weekend watching ALL of the GAMES.

Post Script: The picture used for this article is courtesy of Southern Living and it is from their version of this recipe.