UGA Football Should Roll Through Conference Opener

UGA Football Should Roll Through Conference Opener
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The destiny of UGA Football, whatever it may be, is solely in the team’s control. This is despite the fact that the Bulldogs participate in the dreaded Southeastern Conference.

The SEC is home to some of the most feared teams in the country, including names like Alabama, Florida, and, currently, Arkansas. However, the league tells a different story when observed in its entirety.

Just as there are the respected powers of the SEC, there is also the fair share of laughing stocks. Such a term could refer to Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Missouri, and perhaps even South Carolina (who Georgia opens SEC league play this weekend).

The Gamecocks are unbeaten but have done the absolute bare minimum to earn the said title. Currently sitting at 2-0, their resume possesses virtually nothing worth any praise. Their two victories include shutting out Eastern Illinois and skating by East Carolina.

Now normally, it would not be fair to judge the formidability of a team by critiquing their quality of play against such mediocre competition. However, when the aforementioned team has to escape a weakling, they deserve all of the hate in the world.

Considering the esteemed conference that South Carolina plays in, surely they should never struggle with a lesser ECU. Yet they did. So the matter at hand becomes finding out just how bad the Dawgs are going to beat them in Athens on Saturday.

Can UGA Football Compete Offensively?

After their low-scoring deathmatch with Clemson, there were many questions surrounding the strength of Georgia’s offense. But against UAB, the Bulldogs put all of them to rest with a 56-7 blowout win.

Do the Gamecocks have good enough of a defense to stifle that offense? Possibly, as they are only allowing eight-and-a-half points a game as of now. But having to halt an ECU offense (and even more so an EIU one) pales in comparison to what all the Dawgs have in store.

How About Defensively?

Looking at UGA Football’s own defensive prowess, they have only allowed five points a game, despite playing a consistent title contender in Clemson. Therefore, keeping South Carolina at bay should not be the hardest job in the world for them. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to give their offense a glance.

The Gamecocks, while absolutely unstoppable against an FCS team, were held to a subpar 20 points against the Pirates. So yeah, there should not be too much of a struggle for Georgia to prepare for.

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The Bulldogs have not only faced tougher adversaries than SC already, but they will do so after this week as well. In other words, South Carolina should be an opponent that Georgia can just blow past without skipping a beat.

With UGA looking so superior on both offense and defense, an appropriate projection of the matchup’s final score should favor the Dawgs by about four or five touchdowns. Assuming that the Gamecocks offense is as lackluster against them as it was against East Carolina, the two should line up to somewhere around 42-13. Georgia will move on to 3-0, while SC will have been handed their first loss of the season.