UGA Football Should Have No Worries About UAB

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If UGA Football had proven anything with its season-0pening performance, it was that the college football world has been wise to fear them. However, there were still some questions that the Bulldogs left unanswered, most namely on the offensive side of things.

For starters, it is crucial to address the fact that toppling Clemson means something regardless of how a team may choose to do it. Georgia, in this case, relied almost solely on elite defense. Such an overwhelming brigade held the Tigers to a measly three points, and the only touchdown of the 10-3 match was a pick-six dealt by the Dawgs.

In response to the impactful victory, the latest installment of the AP Top 25 Poll has set UGA Football at second in the entire nation. Meanwhile, Clemson has fallen out of the playoff picture entirely until further notice. And that is more than just some fun fact.

Of the last six playoff brackets that CFB fans have seen, the Tigers have made all six. That means that if their loss to the Bulldogs ends up keeping Clemson out of this season’s final bracket, all will see an occurrence that was last seen seven years prior. That is beyond a change of scenery; it is also a change of the sport’s whole landscape, its hierarchy. And Georgia will receive all praise for doing so.

But while Clemson runs the risk of their playoff contention being terminated, the Dawgs still have their own fish to fry. The biggest fish so far? Their lackluster offense.

How Can UGA Football Make an Offensive Comeback?

The Tigers had a very impressive defense of their own, so the game’s outcome is not exactly the end of the world. However, that mindset will not erase all of the doubt. What might, on the other hand, would be a game with a higher score. And who better to help with that than the UAB Blazers, who just so happen to be Georgia’s next opponent?

Everything has fallen into place for this battle to be the one that redeems the Bulldogs offensive regime. The event will unfold in Athens, Georgia for what will be UGA’s home opener. It should not take a rocket scientist to know that Sanford Stadium can get booming under such circumstances.

Also, the adversary in question falls short of the quality that Clemson possessed. In equally-obvious fashion, this should imply that UAB is quite far from the level of formidability that Georgia holds. In short, the Bulldogs are going to go buck wild on some Blazers.

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Just How Lopsided Will The Game Be?

As lopsided as the Dawgs want it to be. Nine times out of ten, the big brothers in these situations are in complete control of how the game unfolds. This is not only in regards to their own performance, but the foe’s as well. UAB visiting Athens should be no exception to the rule.

An educated guess should estimate that Georgia will win this game by anywhere from four to six scores, depending on how desperate they are to send their message. As it has been assumed that their goal will be to exhibit offensive prowess, the starters for the Bulldogs should see the vast majority of game time. The only reason for otherwise would be if UAB were down so tremendously at halftime that UGA continuing to play at their best would seem borderline foolish. However, that is rather unlikely.

With such a beneficial change of pace in-store for the Dawgs, their offense should get cooking quite soon into the action and never look back. Meanwhile, their defense should play as lights-out as ever against such an inferior challenger. An accurate prediction on the final score would be somewhere around 45-7.

While a convincing win is to be expected and should not wow anyone too much, it will be good for UGA Football to give its offense more of an identity nonetheless. A concrete defense combined with a dynamic offense makes for one bully of a team.