Texas Tech Fans: Football is Fun

Week zero of college football came and went and it is was full of the wacky and zany things that make college football fun. So it is worth repeating to all Texas Tech fans out there with week one kicking off this week; football is fun.

Texas Tech Fans Deserve Fun

It is no secret that it has been a pretty rough decade for Red Raider nation. Texas Tech hasn’t finished ranked in the final AP top 25 polls since 2009. There have been a few blips on the radar to bring some fleeting excitement to the Hub City. Even in the Tommy Tuberville era, there was an occasional ranked upset. Certainly, Kliff Kingsbury coming back to lead the Red Raiders had many positively delighted with his return. His time there also let Texas Tech fans get a first-hand look at quite possibly the greatest quarterback the NFL has ever seen in Patrick Mahomes. Overall though, the wins have been hard to come by. Texas Tech is trying to snap a bowl absence streak this year, and while the path does exist, many fans still remain pessimistic. But beyond the wins and losses, college football fans went through a lot in 2020 (just like everyone else). The 2020 season of college football just wasn’t what we all come to expect from this great sport.

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College Football Needs Its Fans

The one word that always comes to mind when discussing college football is pageantry. There is simply nothing like it in all of sport. Texas Tech fans certainly are very prideful of their pageantry. Some of which include The Goin’ Band from Raiderland, the Saddle Tramps, and watching as the Masked Rider gallops across the Jones as the Red Raiders take the field. Those traditions are unique to Texas Tech, but the soul of them are found at college campuses all across this great nation. Those traditions are not possible with the swarms of college football fans that fill stadiums every Fall Saturday. As the traditions take hold of college football fans, the need to defend them only burns hotter when confronted by one’s arch-rival.

“Fan” is Short For Fanatical

Passionate and spirited trash talk can be a great part of college football. But this is the part when, just like a dad has to with his kids from time to time, bring the Texas Tech fans (and all college football fans) under each arm and huddle up for an important message. College football is a sport; it is fun as hell. It is entertainment to the highest degree. No one needs to get in fistfights about it. No one needs to say anything about anyone’s family. And stop sending 18-to 22-year-olds death threats on social media because a player dropped an interception or missed a kick to win a game. The reason a fan gets to savor the wins is that they have experienced the losses. They both have to exist in this game. Share these moments with fellow college football fans because they are in it with you.

Texas Tech Fans, the Fun is Coming

Remember why each of you fell in love with the school and the sport of college football. Was it tailgates? Or could it have been monumental victories found on Fall Saturdays in Lubbock? Was it simply because those games brought you closer to people you still call family? Maybe it was all of the above.  Whatever it was, those feelings are back starting on September 4th, 2021 down in Houston. I implore everyone to remain focused on what makes college football fun and strengthen the bonds of the college football community. After all, when Texas Tech fans (as well as the entire college football community) bear their banners far and wide, that is when everyone can truly stand on heights of victory. Long live the Matadors!