Georgia Tech Does More Harm Than Good For UGA Football

UGA Football

UGA Football is some of the best Southeastern Conference football outside of what Alabama has in store every year. With good gameplay like that, fans want to see match-ups that will keep them on the edges of their seats. But when it comes to Georgia’s main rival Georgia Tech, such an affair is quite unlikely.

To put it succinctly, the Yellow Jackets are not exactly a football powerhouse at the moment. And in relation to their canine counterparts, GT is light years behind in regards to relevance.

A Very Lopsided Pairing

Glancing at their series history, Georgia has a 68-39 lead all-time. The last three meetings have gone in favor of the Dawgs. And five of their last seven over the Yellow Jackets being decided by two or more scores.

As far as offseason moves, Tech is also incapable of keeping up with their in-state foes with recruiting hauls. In this year’s recruiting rankings by, Georgia ranks 4th in the nation for their recruits while Tech is lingering at 48th. Striking fear into the hearts of one’s enemies is not exactly the easiest thing to do when they proving to be so abundantly superior.

Neither team looks to be changing their current ways anytime soon. UGA Football is expected to keep on dominating, while Tech is looking to renew their license as an also-ran. Should this throw the worthiness of the two’s rivalry into question?

Now there is no indication that the pair should stop playing one another, as the matchup means a lot to the schools and fans. Also, both universities have already scheduled the annual meeting for many years in advance. However, believing that GT does the Dawgs more harm than good from a strength-of-schedule perspective is not entirely out of the question.

As of right now, the only promising attribute that Georgia Tech has going for them is that they are a Power 5 talent. But outside of that, nothing about them illustrates what a worthy opponent to a top-10 team should look like. In comparison to SEC foes such as Florida, Alabama, and Texas A&M, Tech falls far on the lists of programs that UGA has to look out for.

What This Means For UGA Football

Georgia Tech is in no way worth of the Bulldogs’ time as of late. However, their rivalry is still set to live on until over 15 years from now. But if over time GT has still not improved, Georgia rescheduling them should be met with some skepticism. This is especially if UGA is trying to be seen for playoff consideration following a tough loss.



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