Jacob Phillips Primed for Breakout Season

Jacob Phillips
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Jacob Phillips is primed for a big season at LSU. The junior linebacker will be a main force for LSU’s linebackers unit. Entering 2019, Phillips has been a staple of the Tigers’ defense. Alongside Michael Divinity, the junior will play a key role this season. Adding to the Tigers’ already stacked defense, Phillips brings forth a valuable skill set and a high admiration for the game. His ability to jump routes and get to the football is highly sought after. The entire coaching staff has given Jacob Phillips high praise during fall camp. He has become one of the standouts throughout the fall. 

Jacob Phillips Primed for Breakout Season

Being an elite player at LSU takes a lot of skill and passion. Take past linebackers for example. Devin White and Arden Key both possessed great skill sets and turned out to be talented, mature players. Phillips owns those skills and has been a key part of the Tigers’ defensive attack. Playing alongside Divinity will give the junior a chance to learn and grow before his senior season. The past couple of seasons, the linebacker position has been a leadership unit. LSU has taken great players and made them into elite NFL standouts. That’s what the team is trying to do with Phillips. Learning from the defensive leader in Divinity will help him tremendously. Also having Patrick Queen alongside gives Phillips a great duo. LSU’s linebackers unit is going to be scary good in 2019. 

Defensive Standout

With such a packed roster, Phillips is trying to stand out. Though Divinity will be the leader, expect the junior linebacker to get plenty of playing time. He doesn’t shy away from attacking the football, and that makes Dave Aranda proud. Being coached by one of the best defensive coaches in college football is certainly a plus. Since his arrival in 2017, Phillips has been a playmaker at the position. Last season, he led LSU in tackles and finished second in stops with 87. Given the workload, he can go above that this season. Many see Phillips as a potential candidate for multiple awards. 

Though he won’t be the main linebacker, the junior playmaker will stand out. He knows what he can contribute to the team. The main key will be tackling opposing receivers and running backs in the middle of the field behind the first down marker. Phillips can get to the ball in a flash. That is an asset of a true linebacker. Getting to the ball in a hurry and stopping the opposition from gaining extra yardage is paramount. He will definitely have a more defined role on the defense. Given that the plethora of LSU’s talent is on the defense, Phillips will be a key contributor. The Tigers will have one of the best defenses in all of college football. Phillips just happens to be included in this scary defensive unit. The junior will have a big season ahead of his senior campaign in 2020. Should he choose to stay, he could be the defensive leader in 2020.

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