LSU Top Players Of The Last Decade

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LSU Top Players of the Last Decade

Over the last decade, a ton of talent has come through Baton Rouge. LSU Football’s top players of the last ten years is a debate that could go in any direction. Tiger fans will have their own opinions on which 10 players could be determined the “best”, and this is a topic that could spark up a good debate among the LSU faithful. 

From 2008-2018, LSU Football has developed numerous players into NFL-worthy stars. Notable players include Tyrann Mathieu, Leonard Fournette, Derrius Guice, and Odell Beckham Jr., just to name a few. This list will determine the ten best LSU players of the last decade.

Best Four From the Last Decade

Tyrann Mathieu

Mathieu was a force to be reckoned with for opposing offenses. Nicknamed the “Honey Badger”, the defensive back had a great career in the purple and gold. Despite a few troubles while at LSU, Mathieu turned things around and eventually was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. He is the top player on this list because of his style of play, and he became a fan favorite among Tigers fans everywhere. The Honey Badger will be remembered in Baton Rouge forever, and his legacy continues to live on as the Tigers produce top defensive talent every year. 

Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham is highly touted as the best receiver to ever play at LSU. His electrifying speed and catching abilities proved his worth early in his collegiate career. A former first-round pick of the New York Giants, Beckham continues to amaze football fans across the globe with his amazing catches. 

Leonard Fournette

Fournette comes in third on this list. The touted running back was a great asset to the Tigers’ backfield for three seasons. Drafted as the fourth-overall pick by the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017, Fournette is continuing to have success at the next level. However, his collegiate days were some of the best ever by an LSU player. His running style set the tone for running backs in Baton Rouge. Though he never won the Heisman Trophy, Fournette staked his claim in 2016 before an injury set him back a few games. 

Devin White

White was a talented linebacker that led the Tigers’ defense from 2016-2018. He took on a leadership role in 2018 that gave the defense a sudden spark, and the stats prove that. LSU’s defense was better in 2018, led by White and his integrity to make the unit what it became. His accomplishments at LSU will forever be enshrined, and as he prepares for the NFL, Tigers fans reflect on the positives that White brought to the team.

Final Five

Derrius Guice

Guice was the successor to Fournette in 2017. Finally earning his chance, the tailback broke LSU and SEC records, twice in two seasons. Now, a Washington Redskin, Guice was a fan favorite in Baton Rouge and continues to be. Succeeding Fournette was no easy task, but Guice stepped up and delivered when the team needed him the most. 

Trindon Holliday

Holliday has been recognized as one of the best LSU players of the last decade, simply because of his quick speed that he utilized when needed. His punt returns and kick returns helped the Tigers in numerous situations, and he became one of the best players from 2007-2010. He also ran track at LSU, which gave him an advantage while playing football. Holliday comes in at number seven on the list, but the debate could be made for him to potentially be higher. 

Patrick Peterson

Peterson was undoubtedly one of the best overall LSU players of the last decade. Before Mathieu, Peterson was the star on the defensive side for the Tigers. His ability to go toe-to-toe with receivers in routes was tremendous and led to a successful on-going NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals. 

Jarvis Landry

Another great receiver, Landry played with Beckham for a few seasons and helped pave the way for talented receivers to come to LSU. His stunning catches helped the offense in desperate situations, and it led him to become a first-round draft pick following his collegiate career. Landry comes in at number nine on the list. 

Cole Tracy

Though he only played one season with the Tigers, Tracy is undoubtedly the best kicker in LSU history. In 2018, Tracy finished 29-of-33, and was a Lou Groza Award finalist and a Senior Bowl participant. 

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