wealthiest athletes
The World’s Wealthiest Athletes Including a Surprise to Top the List
Michael Kovacs, ADMIN - Jun 29, 2021

The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world, growing exponentially. With so much money going into your favorite sports teams, you have probably wondered: who are the wealthiest athletes in the world, past and present? Do you have a name in mind? Former wrestler and WWE CEO, Vince McMahon Surprised to see […]

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Greatest Comebacks in Sports History
Top 18 Greatest Comebacks in Sports History Since 1954

When looking for the greatest comebacks in sports history there is much to consider but one thing is certain – coming back from a position of no return will always set pulses racing. Greatest Comebacks in Sports History Comebacks A blowout has its advantages. When the outcome of a game is decided long before the […]

Most Popular Athletes
Most Popular Athletes in 2021 – Post-EURO’s and Olympic Games
Last Word Staff - Sep 1, 2021

The summer is nearly finished and so are the EURO 2020 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. There were plenty of talented players in EURO 2020 and standout performers at the Olympic Games but who were the Most Popular Athletes of the summer? Last Word on Sports considers the key performers. Post-EURO’s and Olympic Games: The […]

Match Fixing
True Stories of Match Fixing and Corruption around the World
Last Word Staff - Aug 24, 2021

The vast majority of the world’s population like to watch sports but betting on sports has become much more popular in recent times and whilst it adds to the excitement of watching the game, it can also lead to match fixing. The explosion of the internet and easy access to these online sites leaves you […]

Daily Fantasy Football
Beginner’s Guide to Daily Fantasy Football
Last Word Staff - Aug 12, 2021

Ready to get started with Daily Fantasy Football but not sure how to start? You’ve come to the right place. Fantasy football is how the football community interact with their favorite teams and players. It’s also how some people make extra money on the weekends. So, what is it and how do you get started? […]

Pga Tour
PGA TOUR 2021 – 2022: Professional Golf Tournament

Golf is the oldest and one of the most interesting games played around the world. It originated in the 15th century in Scotland. The PGA Tour is one of the most exciting and amazing golf tournaments because of the different tours and level of competition it brings. Professional players compete with each other to win […]

Olympic Athletes
Sponsorship Opportunities for Olympic Athletes

The Olympics not only draws athletes from hundreds of countries but also attracts viewers of events, which is why it has become an effective platform for marketing. Some of the largest brands worldwide sponsor the Olympics along with individual Olympic athletes, and this sponsorship is just as important to the individual athlete as it is […]

Top Pro Cyclists 2021
The Top Pro Cyclists 2021: Who to watch out for this year
Michael Kovacs, ADMIN - Aug 4, 2021

The 2021 cycling season has already begun, and this season there is a whole new roster of top riders to keep an eye on through the Tour de France and onwards. Tadej Pogačar – UAE-Team Emirates This young cyclist has impressed and even shocked many over the previous few seasons. With wins at tours in […]

Glorious Goodwood
Horse-Racing: Things to Expect From Glorious Goodwood
Jordan Hackett, Editor - Jul 22, 2021

Racing plays host to many a festival week in the summer months but few are as aptly named as Glorious Goodwood. Glorious by name, glorious by nature. The weather in the United Kingdom has been scorching this week and many will hope it continues in kind and we can see the best of competition take […]