Portland Trail Blazers 2022-23 Season Preview


The Portland Trail Blazers have been, for the better part of the last decade, a consistent playoff team. Last season was a bridge year, as star Damian Lillard was injured and the team decided to freshen up the team (namely with the CJ McCollum trade). Now, however, with a redesigned roster, the Trail Blazers are hoping to find themselves […] READ MORE

Portland Trail Blazers: Are They Ready to Compete?


First and foremost, superstar Damian Lillard is committed to the Portland Trail Blazers. The star guard just signed a massive two-year extension. Last season, the Trail Blazers decided to commit to a very quick rebuild/roster change. This included parting ways with a major face in CJ McCollum, as well as other solid contributors in Norman Powell and Robert Covington. Lillard and Jusuf […] READ MORE

Jerami Grant Trade Grade

Jerami Grant has been a player that has been on the trade block ever since he signed with Detroit. He’s shown that he can play as a quality role player in Denver and Oklahoma City as well as a number one option in Detroit. Detroit finally looked to move on from him in the final […] READ MORE

Portland Trail Blazers – Three Best Options Post Draft Lottery


With the NBA Draft lottery done, it is time for the Draft Combine on June 23rd. However, the biggest question remains regarding the Portland Trail Blazers. After slipping to the 7th pick, what does Joe Cronin‘s office do next? After a visible disappointment from his star player Damian Lilliard, it better be good. With $29M […] READ MORE

Portland Trail Blazers – Contenders or Pretenders?


For much of the Damian Lillard era, the Portland Trail Blazers have essentially been playoff guarantees. This season, however, is different. Portland kept Lillard but hit the reset button. They traded a boatload of players including the likes of CJ McCollum, Norman Powell, and Robert Covington. Although Lillard remains on the roster, he’s out for the rest of the season. […] READ MORE

Previewing the 12 NBA Games on MLK Day


While it is first and foremost a much more meaningful and significant day than just a full day of basketball, the 12 NBA games that will air on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 17th, 2022 will be a 12-hour stretch of paradise for hoops fanatics. Wait, 12 hours? Oh yes. The first […] READ MORE

NBA All-Star Weekend Predictions


NBA All-Star Weekend is upon us. All 30 teams will have seven days off to rest and recover after playing the first 36 games of the season. Despite complaints by some of the players and media, we will have All-Star events performed this season. The league will create a mini-bubble within the city of Atlanta […] READ MORE