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Tyrese Maxey Saved the Sixers

Tyrese Maxey Saved the Sixers

His Importance

Without Tyrese Maxey, the Philadelphia 76ers would be stuck in a mud of mediocrity.

In the 2020 NBA Draft, Maxey fell into the Sixers’ laps at pick 21 overall. At the time, he was a very raw prospect that many teams overlooked. In a scouting report ahead of that year’s draft, Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Wasserman highlighted Maxey’s strengths and weaknesses.

“What [Maxey] lacks in explosiveness, he makes up for it with footwork, skill, and strength. Look for Maxey’s shooting percentages to improve and lift his scoring output.”

Today, he is arguably the 76ers’ most explosive player on offense. He has the ability to attack the basket and finish through contact. Oftentimes, he finds himself at the line for and-one opportunities. Since entering the league, his three-point percentage has jumped from .301% to .434%. He has become the Sixers’ true second scoring option behind Joel Embiid.

Tyrese Maxey is a critical part of the 76ers’ offense; so much so that it is hard to imagine that they would be able to compete without him. While Tobias Harris has been effective as a third and fourth scoring option, he does not provide the explosiveness or consistency that Maxey does. James Harden used to be a scoring machine, but he has taken a step back and molded his game to fit into a facilitating role with the Sixers.

He Can Help Them Win a Title

Considering the other scoring options that are on the team, it is hard to imagine that the 76ers would be able to come anywhere close to the success that they have had this year without Maxey. When the team needs a spark on offense, they often turn to him.

In Game 3 of the Sixers-Nets opening-round series, Maxey scored ten points in the final three and a half minutes to lead his team to victory. He stepped up when the team needed him most in that game, as Harden had been ejected and Embiid was roughed up. If there was no Maxey, then there is probably no Game 3 win for Philly.

Game 3 may have been the single most important game of his career, but the sheer impact that Maxey has made thus far in his tenure with the team has quite literally saved the franchise. He has given the team a fighting chance at a title this year and provides them with reasonable hope for a bright future. Without him, Philadelphia would just be mediocre. The team would simply lack the offensive firepower and depth needed to deteriorate opposing teams’ defenses.

This year may be the best chance that the team will have at winning a championship in this decade. If they are going to capture the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, then they will need him to continue scoring at the level he has been all season long. A matchup with the Boston Celtics is on the horizon, and Maxey may end up being the Sixers’ saving grace in that series.


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