Miami Heat: Two Trades to Consider

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The Miami Heat will likely be looking into trades to improve their roster this offseason. They fell to the Boston Celtics in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals while Jimmy Butler was playing out of his mind. Butler did the same in 2020, when the Heat fell in the Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers. The team is constantly on the verge, but not quite there. A big move can change that.

Miami Heat: Two Trades to Consider

The Sign-and-Trade

Miami Heat receive Zach LaVine.

Chicago Bulls receive Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Heat 2022 and 2024 first-round picks.

There’s been recent noise about LaVine possibly leaving the Bulls as an unrestricted free agent this summer. The majority of true contenders likely can’t afford him with a normal signing, so it would have to be a sign-and-trade scenario. Miami could be interested as a player like LaVine can vault them back into the Finals.

This past season LaVine averaged about 25 points, five rebounds, and five assists per game. He’s a terrific scorer, shooter, and athlete. LaVine is one of the league’s main stars on offense, and he brings plenty of excitement with him. Pairing him up with Butler, Bam Adebayo, and others is a recipe for success.

Chicago walks away with pieces here, which of course is a lot better than losing a star for nothing. Herro shined off the Heat bench, but is ready for a starting role. He averaged close to 21 points, five rebounds, and four assists per game. LaVine is known as the “better player,” although Herro’s production isn’t far off that of LaVine. Robinson is also a solid player. When he’s on, he’s one of the league’s best three-point shooters. He fell out of Miami’s rotation in the playoffs. Finally, the Bulls also get two first-round picks which are major assets.

Adding a Center

Miami Heat receive Myles Turner.

Indiana Pacers receive Duncan Robinson, Heat 2022 first-round pick, two Heat second-round picks.

There’s also been some noise about the Heat adding another center to play alongside Adebayo as his skill set is a little different. Turner is likely to be available this summer.

This past season, although limited due to injury, Turner averaged close to 13 points, seven rebounds, and three blocks per game. He’s a great rim protector and can also spread the floor, shooting 33 percent from three. That specific number isn’t great, but certainly above average for a center. Adebayo and Turner would make opposing offenses dread going to the basket, while the Heat’s offense will also be stellar with two massive floor-spreading bigs.

Indiana gets another shooter to add. They’ll likely trade other players, such as another expensive shooter in Buddy Hield, but Robinson can play alongside building block Tyrese Haliburton. Indiana is inching towards a rebuild so they’ll be open to experimenting with what works. The first-round pick this season aids said rebuild as the team is just looking to add young talent to develop. The same goes for the two second-round picks.