Phoenix Suns: Two Trades to Consider

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After the Phoenix Suns flailed out of the playoffs at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks ago, it’s time to consider trades for the team. Phoenix was excellent throughout the entire regular season but looked flustered versus Dallas at many times. Adding into this is now the uncertain future surrounding Deandre Ayton. The Suns remain immensely talented, and trades can bring the team back into legitimate contention.

Phoenix Suns: Two Trades to Consider


Phoenix Suns receive Julius Randle, Kemba Walker, and the Knicks’ 2023 first-round pick.

New York Knicks receive Deandre Ayton (sign-and-trade), Luke Kennard, and Nic Batum.

LA Clippers receive Jae Crowder and Nerlens Noel.

There are a lot of moving parts here. First off, Phoenix gets pieces back in what now seems like an inevitable break-up with Ayton. Randle struggled this past season to an extent, but the season prior he shined for New York. Truth be told, Randle is not a primary option. In Phoenix, however, he can shine as the second-leading scorer behind Devin Booker. In addition, he’ll have Chris Paul feeding him the rock. Phoenix adds more help with Walker off the bench behind Paul, as well as a first-round pick.

New York changes course and rids themselves of Randle. Ayton comes in to push the youth movement forward. He’ll form a strong duo with RJ Barrett to build around. Kennard brings in shooting as well, which is sorely needed. Batum is a veteran who can help with the Knicks’ playoff ambitions.

The Clippers are expected to be title contenders at full health next season. This deal just makes them strong. First off, LA loves their wing players. Crowder, of course, fits in almost too perfectly. Noel comes in to provide more center depth alongside Ivica Zubac.

Adding Needed Depth

Phoenix Suns receive Eric Gordon.

Houston Rockets receive Dario Saric, Torrey Craig, and the Phoenix 2023 first-round pick.

Gordon isn’t necessarily needed in Houston as the team is rebuilding. He should look for success elsewhere. With that being said, Phoenix presents a perfect opportunity.

First off, the series versus Dallas showed that Phoenix needs more reliability in the backcourt and even an added scoring punch. Gordon, of course, brings all of this. This past season he averaged 13 points off the bench, but he’s also capable of much more. His veteran experience will also be an added asset to a team looking to contend for a championship. Gordon and Cam Johnson will be the first names off the bench for Phoenix, which gives them a very dynamic scoring duo when Booker and Paul, among others, rest.

Houston does this for their rebuild. Saric and Craig can earn roles and play, but they won’t be in Houston’s future plans. Craig already carries solid value as a three-and-d specialist, perhaps Houston can dangle him for a second-round pick. Saric was a contributor to Phoenix prior to his injury. Houston can give him playing time to show his worth, then also trade him. Finally, the Rockets get a first-round pick which is always an asset.