Orlando Robinson 2022 NBA Draft Profile

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After playing three seasons of college basketball, Fresno State big man Orlando Robinson has declared for the 2022 NBA Draft. The 21-year-old does not receive as much attention as many other prospects, even though his college career already proved that he can be a valuable asset to any team.

Orlando Robinson NBA Draft Profile

College Career

Robinson was a starter for the Fresno State Bulldogs ever since he joined the team as a freshman. He averaged 19.4 points, 8.4 rebounds, 2.9 assists and a 48.4% field goal percentage in his junior season. In regard to scoring, Robinson improved from season to season, but put up his impressive career-high of 33 points and 16 rebounds in his sophomore season. During that season, Robinson also received several awards, such as being named the 2020-21 Mountain West Scholar Athlete.

Last year, Robinson actually declared for the 2021 NBA Draft but withdrew and returned to school for one more year. Now he is entering the NBA as a more developed, improved, and experienced player this year.


Robinson is a good shooter, averaging 35% on three-pointers and 72.1% from the free throw line. His favorite move is a spin move to the basket, which is hard to guard, but Robinson also has a great jump shot. He can create the shot for himself off the dribble if he is unable to move to the rim. Aside from scoring, Robinson also shows good passing skills for a big player, and active off-ball movement. Furthermore, he is also an active and competitive defender, especially on the help side. Robinson is not an especially flashy player, who receives much media or scouting attention, but he is a consistent, reliable player. During his first two college seasons, Robinson did not miss a single game. Later, he played through injuries in his third season, never ceasing to put up impressive numbers.


Robinson is unarguably a great offensive player and scorer, but there are some areas where he could improve defensively. For one, he could become more aggressive at the rim and protect it more fiercely. Robinson will generally need to become more physical on defense to reach his full potential in the NBA. Robinson stands at 7’0”, which is tall but not extraordinary in the NBA. There are several players of the same size who are not afraid to be physical and push around their defenders a little. Furthermore, the big man seems to struggle sometimes when guarding fast players, so that is also something to work on.

NBA Comparison

When I look at Orlando Robinson, one current NBA player comes to mind, and that is Karl-Anthony Towns. They are both tall players, who are strong under the basket, but are more than just run and dunk center players. They both show impressive shooting skills on mid-range shots and three-pointers for their size. This makes them a threat to defenders all over the court.

Draft Projection

Robinson will probably be drafted late in the first round or early in the second round.

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