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Golden State Warriors: Two Trade Ideas

The Golden State Warriors are already dominant. Stephen Curry continues to amaze, Klay Thompson is back and regaining his form, while all the other players remain top contributors. As good as the veterans are, the Warriors also have plenty of young assets. This gives them a tough choice. They can dangle their young players in trade deals to further improve, or they can hang onto them for the future as their team is already built to win now. Should Golden State choose to totally go all in, these are two trades they must consider.

Golden State Warriors: Two Trade Ideas

Building an Elite Starting Five

The trade: Golden State sends James WisemanMoses Moody, and their Brad Wanamaker trade exception to the Indiana Pacers for Myles Turner.

Indiana has made their stance on Turner quite obvious. They’re very much willing to trade the big man. Acquiring him would complete an elite starting five for Golden State.

Curry, Thompson, Andrew WigginsDraymond Green, and Turner all starting together is as good as it gets. This line-up wreaks havoc on both ends of the floor and it would be difficult to not see the Warriors as the championship favorite with this.

Turner is averaging about 13 points, seven rebounds, and three blocks per game this season. He’s injured right now, but so is Wiseman. Turner has a more clear timetable for his return post-trade deadline. He can form a scary rim-protecting duo with Green, but Turner can also shoot from deep. That is Golden State’s bread and butter.

Indiana gets two great prospects in return. Wiseman showed great flashes last season when healthy and is an excellent building block. Moody was just selected in the 2021 NBA Draft lottery but just hasn’t been able to see the floor. Indiana may hit the restart button soon, so they should collect as many high-potential players as possible.

Building Out Depth

The trade: The Warriors send Moody to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Nemanja Bjelicaand the Wanamaker trade exception to the Orlando Magic. Oklahoma City sends Kenrich Williams to the Warriors. Orlando sends Robin Lopez to the Warriors.

Golden State loses a prospect here in Moody but does so to build a more complete squad.

Williams is a very useful utility player. He’ll excel in whatever role he’s given. Williams plays with nonstop hustle, is an offensive weapon, and is a very solid defender. In short, he’s the ideal kind of “glue-guy” most championship teams have. Lopez is also an upgrade over Bjelica in a reserve center spot. It remains to be seen as to when Wiseman will be back. Kevon Looney has filled the void, but now the Warriors get an interchangeable center in Lopez.

Oklahoma City loves their young players, so Moody fits the script there. He’ll certainly receive more playing time. Orlando replaces Lopez’s expiring contract with that of Bjelica’s. This doesn’t really change the dynamic or trajectory of this team, but perhaps Lopez wants to finish his career off playing for a contender.

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