Two Kemba Walker Trade Ideas

Kemba Walker has found himself on the outside looking in on the New York Knicks. Originally touted as a major offseason addition, Walker eventually lost his place in the Knicks rotation. With that being said, Walker is still just 31-years-old. His play has gone downhill since his time in Charlotte, it’s difficult to deny that, but he remains a steady and talented veteran presence. Teams are monitoring his situation for a potential trade and here are two ideas.

Two Kemba Walker Trade Ideas

Denver Goes for Offense

The trade: New York sends Walker to the Denver Nuggets for JaMychal Green and a future first-round pick.

This is a simple trade that benefits both teams.

First off, the Nuggets desperately need more offense. Jamal Murray remains sidelined, while Michael Porter Jr. is out for the year. The team still has Nikola Jokic and other complementary options, but they’re still in need of a boost.

Gone are the days of Walker dropping 20 points per game, but he can definitely score in the 15 points per game range. He won’t have to run the show with Jokic and others around, so Walker can find himself with plenty of open shots in the Denver offense. Walker remains a top shooter. A point guard trio of Walker, Monte Morris, and Facundo Campazzo is strong enough until Murray returns.

Green comes in to add to the Knicks’ offensive depth. His contract mirrors that of Walker’s, so the Knicks aren’t taking on any cap. Considering Walker is out of their rotation, it doesn’t hurt the Knicks to add a very useful player. Green is strong defensively and can stretch the floor. He can also play both forward positions.

Lastly, the future first is what Denver offers to win now and could greatly benefit New York in the future.

Detroit Adds Another Veteran

The trade: The Knicks send Walker and Quentin Grimes to the Detroit Pistons for Cory Joseph and Frank Jackson.

The future of Detroit is in the hands of Cade Cunningham. His performances have improved as of late, but this entire year will serve as a learning curve. It would be wise for Detroit to bring in a top veteran like Walker to serve as a mentor for Cunningham. Walker has long been known as one of the ideal leaders in the NBA, so this fit just makes sense. It’s not a trade to rack up wins, but one that benefits the future of the franchise. Grimes is also a rookie with promise that the Pistons can use off the bench.

Joseph can be used off the Knicks bench. He’s not as talented as Walker but perhaps fits better in Tom Thibodeau’s system. He’s averaging six points and over three assists per game this season.

Jackson is another enticing option for the Knicks. He’s just 23-years-old, but averaging nearly 11 points per game in Detroit. He’s just two years older than Grimes, so the Knicks aren’t sacrificing youth. They need a push for the playoffs after last season, so this trade helps that into that direction.


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