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Five NBA Trades to Help Contenders

Rumors on NBA trades are heating up with the deadline a week away. Contending teams are definitely actively looking at quick fixes they believe will increase their chances of winning a championship. Take a look at a few NBA trades that will help five of the top contenders – the Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Brooklyn Nets.

NBA Trades to Help Contenders

Utah Could Stay Quiet, but Should Look into NBA Trades

The trade: The Jazz acquire Hassan Whiteside from the Sacramento Kings for Udoka Azubuike and a second-round pick.

Rudy Gobert is a defensive beast and one of the best centers in the league, but the Jazz can certainly upgrade their depth options at the position. Whiteside is on a very team-friendly contract and another one of the league’s elite rebounders. Utah’s team-spirit and surrounding leadership will allow Whiteside to fit in well.

Sacramento should use this time to build future assets. Azubuike hasn’t played much this season, but he’s a big body who had a terrific collegiate career. They could develop him into being a solid back-up center in the future. The added second-round pick is an extra asset.

Utah has a legitimate chance at a championship this year so must use the trade market to create the best team possible.

LeBron James is No Stranger to NBA Trades

The trade: The Lakers acquire Garrett Temple from the Chicago Bulls for Wesley Matthews and Alfonzo McKinnie.

A consistent occurrence in the league is LeBron James‘ teams triggering NBA trades near the deadline every season. Any team with James is an immediate contender, and the Lakers are reigning champions, so they should look to strengthen the team again.

Matthews hasn’t quite panned-out for the Lakers, so they should move for another three-and-d veteran like Temple. He’s averaging over eight points per game this season and is another great locker-room presence. This isn’t a star-studded trade, but a small upgrade that could pay up for the Lakers come playoff time.

The Bulls get Matthews’ expiring contract, as well as a younger piece in McKinnie.

The Clippers go in for Veterans

The trade: The Clippers acquire Tomas Satoransky and Temple from the Bulls for Patrick Beverley and Mfiondu Kabengele.

In this trade, the Clippers get a more traditional floor general in Satornasky. He’s a combo-guard with size, but he’s proven to be a very solid passer over the years. This will limit the number of times Kawhi Leonard and Paul George have to take the ball down the court. Temple’s value, as previously mentioned, will come off defense and shooting.

Chicago gets a defensive menace in Beverley, and his acquisition will allow Coby White to take over most ball-handling and point guard duties. The Bulls are still in the playoff play-in hunt, but should also use this time to develop their young players. Kabengele is another young piece to have for the future.

Philadelphia Looks into NBA Trades to Remain the Beast of the East

The trade: The 76ers acquire George Hill and Justin Jackson from the Oklahoma City Thunder for Danny Green and a second-round pick.

Ben Simmons is a star, but Philadelphia could use another traditional point guard. Hill is a veteran leader and one of the best shooters in the league when he’s feeling it. Simply put, Hill is the kind of veteran that helps any contending team’s chance at a championship. Jackson is somewhat of a throw-in, but he’s a decent shooter and has a smooth floater. Expect him to make the most out of his minutes when given the chance.

The Thunder love building for the future, so this deal is solid for them. Green is on an expiring contract for $15 million. That’ll open up plenty of space this offseason for the team. In addition, Sam Presti collects draft picks like no other so this is another pick to add to his treasure chest.

Brooklyn Goes All-In

The trade: The Nets acquire Patty Mills and Drew Eubanks from the San Antonio Spurs for Spencer Dinwiddie and Tyler Johnson.

Brooklyn has Kyrie Irving and James Harden who will always man the ball-handling duties, but it would do them nice to have another option off the bench. Mills is still a very solid point guard and brings veteran savvy as well as championship experience. He’ll be a fantastic spark-plug off the bench. Eubanks is also a solid piece as he’s another big body and rebounder to add.

Dinwiddie won’t play this season, but he’s proven to be a legitimate stud. He’ll only help the Spurs in the future and could mentor some of their younger guards. Johnson essentially replaces Mills in the Spurs’ active rotation this season but is on an expiring contract.

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