Kyle Lowry: Three Potential Trade Packages

With the Toronto Raptors struggling, Kyle Lowry could look elsewhere to win another championship. Check out some potential track packages for the point guard.

The Toronto Raptors are struggling this season compared to years prior. They’re 10th in the Eastern Conference, good enough to make the playoff play-in, but still well below the team’s standards. Simply put, they’re not contenders this season. Trading Kyle Lowry for future assets will help them continue to build. Lowry is a loyal Raptor, but the chance to contend for one more championship is too good to pass up. Take a look at three potential trade packages for the former All-Star point guard.

Kyle Lowry: Three Potential Trade Packages

Miami Targets NBA Finals Again

The trade: The Raptors trade Lowry and Stanley Johnson to the Miami Heat for Goran Dragic, Kendrick Nunn, and Kelly Olynyk.

Both teams benefit from this trade.

Miami gets an experienced champion in Lowry. Pairing him up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo will create both a fiery offense and defense. Add in scorers like Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, and the Heat become major Eastern Conference contenders once again. If this trade gets done the Heat will likely also be in the market for another big man to replace Olynyk due to the questions surrounding Meyers Leonard. Johnson provides another defensive wing option.

Toronto remains playoff competitive after this trade. They get a two-headed point guard monster in Dragic and Nunn. Neither are as good as Lowry, but Dragic provides the veteran savvy while Nunn is still a young piece the franchise can develop. Olynyk adds big man-depth. This added depth and talent should vault the Raptors into the higher seed tier of the play-in tournament.

Boston Adds Kyle Lowry and Bulks Up

The trade: The Raptors send Lowry and Aron Baynes to the Boston Celtics for Kemba Walker and Aaron Nesmith.

This is another win-win-looking trade for both sides.

Boston exchanges Lowry for Walker. They’re both veteran guards, but Lowry is currently a better bet to help lead a team to a championship. In addition, Boston gets to add Baynes. The Celtics have struggled with big-man options, and having Baynes with Daniel Theis and Tristan Thompson gives Boston strong depth and more talent. The team is already loaded with talent, so adding these two puts them inches Boston into the conference’s top tier.

Walker is four years younger than Lowry, extending the Raptors’ timeline. Sure, they’ve struggled this season, but they’re still built to remain very competitive down the road. Walker helps this. In addition, Nesmith is a recent first-round pick who is waiting for his chance to shine. He could definitely develop into a real “three-and-d” option under Nick Nurse.

New Orleans Pushes for the Playoffs

The trade: The Raptors send Lowry and DeAndre’ Bembry to the New Orleans Pelicans for Eric Bledsoe and J.J. Redick.

The Pelicans have the potential to make the playoffs but need a veteran like Lowry to push them there. They already have elite talents like Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram, and Lowry would be the key to right the ship and make this team legitimate. Add in Lonzo BallSteven Adams, and more, and all of a sudden the Pelicans become a real threat.

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Bledsoe is younger than Lowry, so is an intriguing piece for the Raptors. His skillset should mesh well alongside Fred VanVleet. He keeps the Raptors competitive now and in the future, which will be important for them. In addition, Redick is one of the league’s all-time elite shooters. Toronto is still committed to making the playoffs this season, and Redick certainly adds to that cause along with filling part of Lowry’s veteran leadership void.

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