NBA Gambling Picks August 4th

Heading into another day with a full NBA bubble slate Last Word on Hoops NBA Gambling picks are looking to give you some winners today. Yesterday’s picks went 2-1 and ended up winning .86 Units. We also hit our first Bonus Parlay to win three units. Hopefully, today’s NBA gambling picks will bring you more of the same.

August 4th NBA Betting Picks

Indiana Pacers (Moneyline) vs Orlando Magic (+102)

Today is the first day of back-to-backs inside the NBA bubble. For a lot of teams, these games could prove to be problematic, but it may be just the opposite for the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are riding high after their first two games in the bubble. In today’s game against the Orlando Magic, the Pacers are hoping to ride the momentum of those wins and pick up another one. The Magic are coming into the game undefeated as well but this game will end with one less undefeated team inside the bubble.

The Play – Indiana Pacers (Moneyline) – 1 Unit to Win 1.02 Units

Boston Celtics (-3) vs Miami Heat (-110)

Take everything that was said about back to backs in the last pick, and throw it out the window. The Miami Heat are coming into today’s game against the Boston Celtics off of a loss to the Toronto Raptors yesterdays. In their Tuesday win against the Portland Trailblazers, the Celtics relied heavily on Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown down the stretch and will look for much of the same from that duo today. Tatum and Brown have certainly blossomed into one of the best combo punches in the league right now.

The Play – Boston Celtics (-3) – 1 Unit to Win .91 Units

Portland Trailblazers (Moneyline) vs Houston Rockets (+155)

This game will have a ton of points. That is the only thing you can be certain of with these two teams getting together. The best argument for the Portland Trailblazers is the resurgence of Jusuf Nurkić. The Houston Rockets will not have an answer for the Portland big man. This game could very well come down to who has the ball last. The Blazers are coming off arguably the worst 10 seconds of basketball that has been played inside the bubble. Today’s game will give them the opportunity to bounce back from a tough loss to the Celtics, and with the clash of two high powered offenses, anything is possible.

The Play – Portland Trailblazers (Moneyline) – 1 Unit to win 1.55 Units

Bonus Parlay

Yesterday’s bonus parlay won three units if you took it. We have another one today to try to maximize your units.

The Play – Boston Celtics (Moneyline), Dallas Mavericks (ML), Indiana Pacers (ML), and Los Angels Clippers (ML). This parlay is +510, meaning 1 Unit will Win 5.1 units.

NBA Bubble Return Stats

Record to date: 7-5

Units to date: +1.31 Units

Bonus Parlay: 1-3

Parlay Units: EVEN

DISCLAIMER: LWOS INC and LWOPB do not offer guarantees on game predictions. Please remember to always gamble legally and responsibly.

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