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Andre Drummond Trade Rumors

Andre Drummond Trade rumors

After a rough start to their season, the Detroit Pistons have included All-Star center Andre Drummond in trade talks per Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN. Drummond is currently on a contract year with a player option. Because of this, the Pistons are considering trading him before the trade deadline. Teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors, Dallas Mavericks, and Boston Celtics are interested. Trade rumors will continue to swirl as we near the deadline so don’t expect this to be the last time Drummond’s name comes up.

Trade Rumors Continue to Swirl in Regards to Andre Drummond

After a disappointing start to an injury-prone season, the Detroit Pistons are looking to trade Andre Drummond. One of the teams interested is the Atlanta Hawks, who have had a disappointing season and are looking to give their young star Trae Young some talent. The Hawks currently have the worst record in the NBA. Adding Drummond could help the Hawks gain talent for the future.

Drummond is already one of the best rebounders in NBA history, averaging 15.8 rebounds a game. His scoring may not be amazing, but it’s getting better every year, as he is currently averaging a career-high 17.6 points per game.

Possible Atlanta Hawks Trade

A Trae Young pick-and-roll with Andre Drummond would be deadly. Young’s ability to shoot paired with Drummond would be tough for opposing teams to defend. If there would be any doubt to Young leaving Atlanta in the future, adding Drummond to the team could keep him happy. However, with Drummond’s player option, there is a chance he could leave in free agency.

According to LWOS sources, the Atlanta Hawks are reluctant to include any young pieces in a potential deal for Drummond. Having said that, the Hawks could offer picks along with Alex Len or Evan Turner to match his contract.

Possible Toronto Raptors Trade

With the Raptors also being interested, it’s possible that they could go after Drummond to further improve their odds at contending. A possible deal might include Marc Gasol to match Drummond’s contract and OG Anunoby to provide Detroit with the young talent they desire.

Marc Gasol is 34 and on an expiring deal, so it would make sense for the Raptors to trade for a younger and more talented center who could help them contend in future years. Gasol would probably only be with the Pistons for half of the season and would move on in free agency.

The young OG Anunoby could fit well in Detroit, probably getting the start over Tony Snell. Anunoby could thrive in Detroit. Anunoby’s defense would fit well with the Pistons alongside the other young Pistons in Sekou Doumbouya and Luke Kennard.

Possible Boston Celtics Trade

The Boston Celtics are one of the best teams in the East, but they could use another All-Star to put them over the hump. It would be tough for the Celtics to trade for Drummond salary-wise, as the only player the Celtics would be willing to trade that has a big enough contract is Gordon Hayward. Any possible trade would probably include him and some picks.

If the Pistons were to accept a trade with the Celtics, it would be solely because of the picks that they would receive. Although it is unlikely that Drummond would be traded to Detroit, Danny Ainge always finds a way to get trades done.

Possible Dallas Mavericks Trade

The Dallas Mavericks have been surprising this season. With Luka Dončić emerging as a superstar in the NBA, the Mavericks have shown that they are ready to contend. The Mavericks are one of the best offensive teams in the league. Adding Drummond can help make them one of the better defensive teams as well as helping out with rebounding.

A possible trade could include Dwight Powell and Tim Hardaway Jr. along with a future pick. This could give the Pistons someone to replace Drummond while giving them a pick for the future. Tim Hardaway Jr. would be included to match Drummond’s contract.

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