The Best NBA 2019-20 Betting Options

NBA Betting options

When we look at bet-worthy annual sports competitions around the world, only a few stick out for their mass following and intense gaming action. The Premier League in the UK, the IPL cricket tournament in India, and the NFL and MLB in the US are all competitions that never fail to amaze. An essential part of this very list is the NBA, the ultimate basketball tournament not just in America, but on the planet.

Before you jump straight into the betting world and go about placing wagers on teams and players, it is essential to follow some necessary advice about sports betting, irrespective of the game you are following. From making the most of welcome offers to selecting the right bookmakers, everything, in the end, adds up, resulting in an enjoyable time leading to profitable bets. When it comes to basketball and the NBA, the top tip for newcomers is to diversify your bets over individual games, overall winners, and top players. Some of the best NBA betting options include favorites for many awards.

The logic is simple; the more bets you play, within your stipulated budget, the higher are your chances of increasing your earnings.

Top 2019-20 NBA Betting Options

NBA Winner

Although what makes NBA such an amazing competition to watch is its unpredictable nature, right now, it seems that the Los Angeles Lakers have a stronghold on the championship. The Los Angeles Clippers are quite close to the frontrunners but will need to continue their winning streak if they want to catch up and make a difference. The bookies have the Lakers at 33/10 odds as compared to the Clippers being on 10/3 odds. Last year’s winners, the Toronto Raptors, though, are unlikely to repeat the magic facing a few injuries.

Rookie of the Year

From the very beginning, there were only two leading contenders for the Rookie of the Year NBA trophy. Zion Williamson and Ja Morant were the first and second draft pick before the season started and a favorite with the bookies.

Unfortunately, Williamson has been on the bench due to injury. Because of this, Morant had the perfect opportunity to sweep up and come on top. However, the NBA is a whole different ballgame, compared to college basketball.

While Morant has been performing brilliantly and is listed at 6/4 odds, he is showing signs of slowing down due to back spasms. As a result of this, the team has him on and off, playing some of the more critical games while making him rest for the remaining ones. The upcoming weeks should be exciting to watch as Morant missing games can result in RJ Barrett sneaking up the points table to become the final Rookie of the Year.

Western Conference Winner

Very much like the overall winner, this is an intense competition between the LA Lakers and Clippers. Both of them are on 2/1 odds as per the bookies, which shows that no one can predict for sure how things will turn out over the next few weeks.

While the Lakers are playing a dominating game, the Clippers need to focus on all of their games and not just the one against the Lakers. Another point of worry for the team is if they face off against the Houston Rockets before the Western Conference finals, which could mentally and physically drain the players even if they manage to move ahead.

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