Key 2019-20 NBA Games After Schedule Release

Key 2019-20 NBA Games

During the duldrums of the NBA offseason, between free agency and the start of the NBA season, the releasing of the upcoming season’s schedule is the most exciting event for NBA fans. The 2019-20 NBA schedule is here, and it is sure to bring drama to the season. Some will be key 2019-20 games, and others will for sure be exciting.

Key 2019-20 NBA Games

LosĀ Angeles Lakers vs Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers open up their season against the Los Angeles Clippers. The two rivals share the same home stadium together, and the excitement of free agency brought even more bad blood between the two teams. With Paul George and Kawhi Leonard joining the Clippers, and LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers, this game has the potential to be a thriller. An amazing way for NBA fans to start out a season.

Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers

For the second year in a row, the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers square off on opening day. This year though, things are different. The Celtics are without Kyrie Irving this year, as he was replaced with Kemba Walker. They will also be without Al Horford, who coincidentally is now on the 76ers. The biggest rivalry in the Eastern Conference will be revitalized once again on the first day of basketball, and it cannot be missed.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Boston Celtics

From the biggest rivalry in the Eastern Conference to the biggest rivalry in NBA history. From the old days of Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson, the new era of the rivalry features Walker and Jayson Tatum versus James and Davis. The game will be nationally televised on Martin Luther King Jr. day, and everyone should mark it on their calendars. No one knows what this will bring, but it’ll be fun.

Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors

A rematch of last year’s playoff matchup, this game has a lot of NBA fans’ attention. The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets last time, but now the tables have turned. Kevin Durant has left the Warriors. Russell Westbrook has joined the Rockets. It will be a guard battle for James Harden, Westbrook, Stephen Curry, and D’Angelo Russell. Expect a lot of bad blood and three-pointers in this rematch of Western Conference giants.

Los Angeles Clippers vs Toronto Raptors

Kawhi Leonard makes his return to the Toronto Raptors after leading them to the NBA championship last year. Leonard will be greeted with nothing but love from the Canadian crowd, despite leaving the organization. This will be one of the more heartwarming games this upcoming season, check out this matchup on December 11th.

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