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The Last Word Podcast – Episode 4

NBA Podcast

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This week on The Last Word Podcast, Jordan, Michael, and Stacey discuss various topics in the basketball world.

The Last Word Podcast – Episode 4

First, the guys discuss March Madness and predict who will win the National Championship.

The guys also talk about Westbrook’s 20-20-20 game and Nipsey Hussle’s impact around the NBA.

Youssef comes on to talk about this week’s hot takes, including Paul Pierce claiming he is better than D. Wade.

Giannis has been absolutely dominant, helping the Bucks clinch the best record in the East.

The guys also debate who the best player in the NBA will be in 5 years.

The race in the East is down to the 8 seed. The guys talk about who will make it and who will have an early summer.

Jordan, Michael, and Stacey discuss their top 3 all-time duos in the NBA. To no surprise, number one was the same around the board…

Articles talked about:

Stacey Collier, Bucks are favored to win:

David Ward, Who will the best player be in 5 years:

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