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NBA Power Rankings: Week Two

NBA Power Rankings: Week Two

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 (No Movement)

4-0 to start the season and the Indians are one win away from winning the World Series. What a time to be a fan from Cleveland.

  1. San Antonio Spurs 4-1 (Up one spot)

The Spurs big game one win against Warrior in Golden State vaulted them into second place over the Warriors in this week’s power ranking. Kawhi Leonard looks poised for an MVP award type season.

  1. Golden State Warriors 3-1 (Down one spot)

Everybody was already stating how Kevin Durant isn’t going to fit in with the Warriors after their first game of the season. It was against an amazing defense in the Spurs no less. As the great Aaron Rodgers once said, “RELAX”.

  1. Los Angeles Clippers 3-0 (No Movement)

The Clippers are 3-0 and the Blake Griffin looks to be better than ever. Early in the season, they look like they can take on anybody in the league. Watch out Spurs and Warriors.

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder 3-0 (Up five Spots)

Russell Westbrook is as good as everyone thought he would be and maybe even better. Steven Adams and Victor Oladipo each received new contracts and the Thunder have started of the season 3-0. OKC fans probably don’t even remember Kevin Durant anymore…

  1. Toronto Raptors 2-1 (Down one spot)

It may be early, but Demar Derozan for scoring champion? Through three games this season, DD has averaged 35 points per game. So far, it looks like that big contract is turning out to be worth it.

  1. Atlanta Hawks 3-0 (Up for spots)

The Hawks are flying high after a 3-0 start and an average win margin of over 15. Dwight Howard seems to me motivated early on and should be, as long as the Hawks keep winning.

  1. Boston Celtics 2-1 (Down two spots)

Everyone’s eyes have been on Al Horford in Boston and how he fits with his new team, but how about the play of Joe Crowder and Avery Bradley early on? These two have been everything the Celtics have asked for and then some.

  1. Utah Jazz 2-2 (Down one spot)

The Jazz look like they are missing Gordon Hayward on defense early on in the season, but at least Derrick Favors returned from injury. A big win against the Spurs in San Antonio last night may prove to be a difference maker later on in the season.

  1. Chicago Bulls 3-0 (Up seven spots)

The Bulls rolled over the Nets, 118-88 to go 3-0 for the first time since the 1996-1997 season. Everything is great in Chicago. Jimmy Butler loves his coach, Dwayne Wade still looks like he can ball with the best of them and it’s raining threes in Chicago. You watching this MJ?

  1. Indiana Pacers 2-2 (Down three spots)

So far for the Pacers, a couple of their questions seem to be answered. Myles Turner seems to be THAT good. Monta Ellis seems to be slowing down a bit and Jeff Teague hasn’t looked great so far, but the season is very young.

  1. Portland Trail Blazers 2-2 (Down three spots)

The Blazers started the season on a decent note going 2-2, but recently got trounced by the Warriors. Damian Lillard looks incredible but there is still a lot of work to be done if they want to take the next step.

  1. Detroit Pistons 3-1 (Up one spot)

Andre Drummond looks like a beast in the paint early on in the season and Reggie Jackson should be a approaching a return shortly. Pistons fans should be very excited for the rest of the season.

  1. Charlotte Hornets 2-1 (Up one spot)

Losing a tight contest against tough Boston team in their home opener isn’t something for the Hornets to sulk about. They now have two easy games against the 76ers and Nets, before a daunting part of their schedule kicks in.

  1. Houston Rockets 2-2 (Down one spot)

Mike D’Antoni stated that he wants James Harden to double his assists total from last season. By the looks of how he’s playing at the moment, it doesn’t seem like it will be that challenging.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies 2-2 (Down four spots)

The Grizzlies seem a tad shaky after getting dismantled by the T-Wolves last night, but is was understandable with both Mike Conley and Marc Gasol both not playing. On a side note, Zach Randolph seems to be gunning for that 6th man of the year award.

  1. Miami Heat 2-2 (Up 3 spots)

Erik Spoelstra has quietly been a great coach throughout his tenure in Miami. He just posted his 400th career win in the season opener against the Magic. It took him 69 fewer games than Pat Riley.

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves 1-2 (No movement)

The T-Wolves may be the most fun team in the NBA to watch night in and night out, but they have been a bit worrisome to start the season. They blew a 17 point lead in Memphis followed by blowing an 18 point lead in Sacremento. Ouch.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks 2-2 (Up four spots)

Giannis Antetokounmpo took on Anthony Davis in a very underrated matchup last night and looked just as good as any player in the league. His flow and the amount of ground he can cover is just incredible.

  1. New York Knicks 1-2 (Up one spot)

Derrick Rose has looked okay so far in his very short tenure with the Knicks. On the other hand, Melo looks great while Kristaps Porzingis looks poised to make a big jump in his sophomore season. How about that horrendous Joakim Noah jump shot?

  1. Dallas Mavericks 0-3 (Down five spots)

The Mavs have not opened up the season on a high note, losing all three of their opening games. To make matters worse Dirk Nowitzki went down because of an illness. On the contrary, Harrison Barnes really does look like the man in Dallas.

  1. Denver Nuggets 1-2 (Up two spot)

The good news for the Nuggets is that Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic both seem to be making big strides in their second and third years. The bad news is that injures are piling on quickly. Will Barton is now expected to be out with a sore ankle, joining Gary Harris and Darrel Arthur on the shelf.

  1. Washington Wizards 0-2 (Down four spots)

After a 15 point loss to the Hawks in their season opener, it has is been a challenging start to the season for Scott Brooks. The start of the year won’t get much easier, playing five of their next six games against playoff teams from last season.

  1. Sacramento Kings 2-3 (Up one spot)

Through the first five games of the season we know two things about the kings. First: After getting fined 25,000$ for throwing his mouthpiece into the stands, Cousins is still Cousins and second: Rudy Gay looks like a man on a mission… to raise his trade value. Gay has been incredible to start the season.

  1. Orlando Magic 1-3 (Down three spots)

Something just doesn’t look right with Orlando early in the season. They have had a bit of a tough schedule to start the season, but a tight two point win against the winless 76ers will not cut it. It is still very early, but it may be a long season for Magic fans if their team doesn’t figure it out quick.

  1. Los Angeles Lakers 1-3 (Two spots up)

Julius Randle stated that this is the greatest his body has ever felt. In the early going of the season, he doesn’t seem to be wrong. He’s been the biggest bright spot on this Lakers team.

New Orleans Pelicans 0-4 (One spot down)

It’s the same old for the Pelicans. Anthony Davis opened the season on a historic note, but the team was still not able to find a way to win. Look on the bright side, Davis hasn’t gotten hurt yet.

  1. Phoenix Suns 0-4 (One spot down)

Although they are 0-4 the Suns really haven’t looked all that bad. T.J. Warren has been a pleasant surprise, while Eric Bledsoe looks as healthy as ever. The lone concern is the health of future star Devin Booker. The Suns seem to be a bit concerned with his sore toe.

  1. Brooklyn Nets 1-3 (Up one spot)

The Nets have one win through four games. That has to count for something right?

  1. Philadelphia 76ers 0-3 (Down one spot)

The 76ers haven’t won a game yet in this young season, but have been relatively fun to watch. How about Joel Embiid? He has not played a competitive game of basketball, let alone a game in the NBA in two years and looks like a seasoned veteran. The future is looking okay in Philly.


OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 19: Klay Thompson #11 of the Golden State Warriors drives against J.R. Smith #5 of the Cleveland Cavaliers during the second half in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals at ORACLE Arena on June 19, 2016 in Oakland, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)


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