Odell Beckham Jr. Needs to be Signed Quickly

Via Last Word On Pro Football, by Tom McGowan

The New York Giants must make signing Odell Beckham Jr. happen, and fast. The quicker he is signed, the less drama and headache the Giants brass will endure. Beckham is entering his fourth season in the NFL. In his first three seasons, he has been one of the best, if not the best wide receiver. He has had three consecutive 1,300+ yards and 10+ touchdown seasons. When fans of the sport think of the Giants, they immediately think of him. He has quickly made himself the face of the Giants organization (for mostly good, but some bad reasons). The Giants need to make sure that the talented pass-catcher is locked up long-term because of how valuable of an asset he is to their organization.

Odell Beckham Jr. Needs to be Signed Quickly

Wide Receivers Are Getting Paid

It is imperative to lock Beckham Jr. up quickly because if he has another dominant year, he will command even more money. Each and every single season, the salaries of NFL players increase. In 2015, there were four different receivers who all signed deals at a similar age to what Beckham will be after this season. The receivers were Julio Jones: signed a five-year, $71,250,000 deal ($14,250,000 annually); A.J. Green: signed a four-year, $60,000,000 deal ($15,000,000 annually); Dez Bryant: signed a five-year, $70,000,000 deal ($14,000,000 annually); Demaryius Thomas: signed a five-year, $70,000,000 deal ($14,000,000 annually). These receivers were all some of the best in the league at this time and still are to this day. The problem is that Odell Beckham Jr. is objectively and statistically speaking better than these receivers.

Likely Basis of Beckham Jr.’s Contract

The contract that Odell Beckham Jr. will receive will be even larger than the one Antonio Brown signed this past off-season. Brown signed a four-year, $68,000,000 deal ($17,000,000 annually). Not only will Beckham Jr. become the richest receiver in NFL history, he will most likely surpass the annual number that Brown is making. This is because Beckham  is only 24, while Brown is 28. This four-year gap will cause Beckham to seek a higher annual salary because inflation will occur to the wide receiver market. Since Beckham will see a very large contract come his way, it makes the most sense for the Giants to lock him up now to avoid possibly paying even more if they were to sign him after this season or even the next one. The longer the Giants wait, the more media speculation will occur and cause unnecessary problems for them.

Expect a Record Breaking Deal

Odell Beckham is currently making $3,311,063 (via spotrac) this season. This is the NFL’s biggest bargain. It is time to hand Beckham the new contract that he deserves and end what could potentially be a lethal contract dilemma. There has already been enough negative press on Beckham and it is necessary to try and avoid more at all costs. Beckham’s next contract will be close to $120,000,000 for six or seven years.

Beckham seems to be in high spirits as of now with his contract looming. This should be play into the Giants’ favor. He already has stated that he would like to stay in New York and play for the Giants. It is up to the Giants front office to make sure he is locked up. The product he puts on the field is one of a kind, and with big expectations this season, Odell Beckham Jr.’s best has yet to come. Lock him up and let him terrorize the NFC East and the rest of the league for the entirety of his career.

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