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Houston Texans Quarterback Depth Chart Projections

As organized team activities wind down, we look forward to training camp and predict how the depth chart will look for each position. This week, we will focus on the quarterback position.

Via Last Word On Pro Football, by Chris Bolden

The NFL Draft is over and organized team activities (OTAs) are winding down. With the Houston Texans training camp right around the corner, as well as the 2017 season, we will predict how the depth chart will look for each position. For this article, the focus is going to be on the quarterback position.

Houston Texans Quarterback Depth Chart Projections

1. Deshaun Watson

I know, head coach, Bill O’Brien is sticking with Tom Savage as the starter, for now. I just can’t fathom Deshaun Watson not being named the starter heading into the 2017 season. Houston traded up 13 spots to draft Watson, so they must have believed he could be the franchise quarterback. Watson has also been progressing nicely in OTAs and seems to be fairly comfortable with this offense already.

We’ll learn more during training camp and preseason just how comfortable he is. I’m reminded of 2008 when the Atlanta Falcons drafted Matt Ryan. All throughout the off-season, the Falcons insisted that Chris Redman was the starting quarterback. I believe it was after the third or fourth preseason game that Ryan was named the starter. I’m expecting something similar to happen with Watson this season. Time will tell.

2. Tom Savage

Let me start by saying I like Tom Savage a lot. He hasn’t had much playing time as a Texan, but it seems like he’s a decent quarterback from the times we have seen him. The biggest concern with Savage as the starter is his injury history. Savage has had an injury every year he’s been in the NFL. I think he is a good quarterback, but I just don’t know if I can trust him to start 16 games. He’s an ideal backup.

In his rookie season back in 2014, Savage stepped in for an injured Ryan Fitzpatrick in week 15. During that loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Savage suffered a knee injury that ended his season. Things seemed to look better in his second season as Savage was having a solid preseason. During the loss to the Cowboys, in their fourth preseason game, Savage suffered a severe shoulder sprain that caused him to miss the entire 2015 season.

In 2016, Savage took over for a benched Brock Osweiler in week 15 and came back to win the game. Savage went on to be named the starter for the remainder of the season and won his following game. In the final game of the regular season, however, he left the game with a concussion and missed the playoffs.

3. Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden had a decent rookie year, at 28 years old. As bad as it sounds, Weeden’s prime was during his time at Oklahoma State. Following his rookie season, Weeden was benched in his second year by the Browns (that should tell you everything you need to know). Since then, he played backup for Tony Romo with the Dallas Cowboys. After Romo’s injury in 2015, Weeden just didn’t look comfortable as a starter.

Weeden lost all three games as a starter for Dallas and was eventually replaced by Matt Cassel and released by the Cowboys. Houston picked Weeden up as a backup to T.J. Yates in November of 2015. While he did lead the Texans to victory against the Colts and the Titans, Weeden returned to the backup position after Brian Hoyer was cleared to return.

Brandon Weeden is a decent backup, he just isn’t better than Tom Savage and I doubt he is better than Deshaun Watson will be. The only way Weeden sees himself jump into the backup spot is if Watson or Savage gets injured.


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