March Madness Preview and How to Stay Up to Date

We’re just a few weeks away from the start of the 2017 March Madness tournament, NCAA’s series of rounds featuring the best college teams from across the country. And, we’ve been seeing some interesting updates and news that are really showing how exciting this year’s tournament will be.

It is now official that we will have a total of 68 teams competing for this year’s championship title. The NCAA tournament selection committee has also released a selection of 16 teams to complete the bracket preview for this year. How will this tournament play out? More importantly, how can you stay up to date with matches and changes?

March Madness Preview and How to Stay Up to Date

The Top 16 Teams

This year’s March Madness marks the first time a bracket preview show has been included as part of the official program. The NCAA’s tournament selection committee selected 16 teams based on their current standings. Keep in mind that this is just a preview, but it does show some promising final matches to anticipate if everything plays out as predicted.

Topping the list, we have Villanova, the current title holder. This team would most certainly want to win another championship title back to back. It is also worth noting that Villanova has a very strong squad this year.

We also have teams like Kansas, Baylor, and Gonzaga completing the top 4 teams selected for the preview. Louisville, one of the strongest teams in NCAA history, is currently ranked 7th overall, while UCLA is stuck in the 15th spot on the list. OF course, we also have Florida, Kentucky and North Carolina selected for the preview.

The March Madness Broadcast

Similar to last year’s tournament, we will still see CBS and TBS broadcasting most of the games, along with ESPN and other channels. Live matches will be spread among these networks, but for a more in-depth coverage you can actually rely on various sources.

ESPN is known for its amazing coverage of the NCAA Big Dance. We also have the Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network and SEC as great sources for coverage and detailed analysis. Last but certainly not least, we have Fox Sports and its wall-to-wall coverage scheduled for this year.

Any TV provider that offers these networks should set you up nicely for this year’s tournament. You will be able to catch in-depth conference coverage and live matches as easy as you can get insights and analysis from experts and commentators.

Preparing for the Tournament

Based on previous seasons, it is best to get your DVR ready if you are serious about keeping up with the matches. Highlight shows and other programs are also available through the networks we mentioned before, making following this season of March Madness a lot easier to do.

Don’t forget that we will also be covering the best matches and updates from the tournament right here on Last Word on Sports. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check back for updates from the tournament to stay ahead of the competition. We expect to see a lot of great moments in the coming weeks!