Thursday Special: The Oakland Raiders Will Make a Statement In Kansas City

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Via Last Word On Pro Football, by Scott Winter

The Oakland Raiders are 10-2 going into tonight’s Thursday special. They have the most explosive offense in the NFL and last Sunday it was on full display after 29 unanswered points in a 38-24 victory over the Buffalo Bills.

They will be facing off against a well coached, 9-3 Kansas City Chiefs team that is playing way above its stats. The Chiefs are ranked just 23rd in offense and 29th in defense. This team is surviving on extremely timely big plays, excellent special teams play, turnovers, and gambles by head coach Andy Reid.

Thursday Special: The Oakland Raiders Will Make a Statement In Kansas City

In fact, it kind of reminds us of how the Raiders and head coach Jack Del Rio have been winning. Both teams have been excellent on special teams. They both have defenses that give up a lot of yards, but makes plays when it counts. Both teams have been coached very well, especially of late. There is one major difference between these two teams though. The Raiders have a legitimate top five offense, and that will be the key tonight.

Derek Carr holds a new NFL record, as the third-year man has a fourth quarter game-winning touchdown in five contests this year. Not only that, but he also has lead this team to six fourth quarter comebacks this year as well. In fact, Carr has ten fourth quarter comebacks since the start of the 2015 season. Additionally he has a passer rating of 122 in the final quarter, with 13 touchdown passes and no interceptions to his credit. It is no wonder he is a favorite for the Most Valuable Player Award.

But wait there’s more!

Then we have Khalil Mack. Mack has absolutely feasted on opposing offenses. He has a seven game streak of at least one sack, and has two straight games with a strip sack and fumble recovery. Those last two have been game-ending plays.

Setting the Stage

The Raiders are 10-2. I cannot stress enough that coming into tonight’s game, the Raiders are the better team. Forget what the odds makers are telling you, because Oakland has absolutely hammered the spread this season. Forget that the Chiefs sucker-punched them at home in Week Six. It does not matter. Since that game the Raiders have not lost, nor have they given up over 400 yards on defense. In fact since Week Two, quarterbacks are averaging a passer rating over only 80, which is sixth best in the NFL.

A Raiders moon is in the forecast tonight. It will be a cold day in Missouri, and their team’s performance will make it even colder.

If you are a young Raider fan, this season is the first of many winning seasons to come. If you are old school like me, then this season reminds you of the 1976 Raiders. A defense that keeps it close so the offense can win it in the end. It is time to put your faith in the Raiders again!

The Raiders are going to win this game 35-27.

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