Colin Kaepernick Anthem Situation Creating Division

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Colin Kaepernick Anthem Situation Creating Division

Colin Kaepernick has made a decision to sit during the national anthem this pre-season.  Kaepernick claims this is in protest of the way minorities are treated in America.  This stance has created quite a debate and controversy.  It has separated the media and the public.  Many differ in opinion about not only what the flag represents, but whether or not Kaepernick is disrespecting it.  Regardless, Kaepernick’s stance still seems to have brought attention to not only himself, but also to a heated and divisive topic.

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Colin Kaepernick Anthem Situation Creating Division

The first thing people seem to be divided on is what does the flag stand for?  Is the American flag a symbol for the military?  Does it just represent our fallen hero’s, or is it something greater than that?  Some will argue that the flag itself represents America and freedom of speech.  And, by not standing when the flag is displayed during the anthem, Kaepernick is directly disrespecting that freedom of speech.  Kind of ironic when you think about it.

Was this really the right way for Kaepernick to make his point?  On a stage such as the NFL Kaepernick certainly has a platform to exploit.  There is no question at this point that his strategy worked, regardless of right or wrong.  Every major sporting news outlet has touched on this situation at length today.  Still, Kaepernick has to remember that he is a role model.  The step that he took creates the real possibility of copy-cat behavior.  What kind of ramifications would this have if other players were to follow suit?  How long would it take before this has a trickle down effect to kids at the high school ranks?  This is of course yet to be seen, but it is still a possibility.

Kaepernick Could Be Cut

Kaepernick has also increased his chances of getting cut with his actions.  The truth is that Kaepernick may have been on his way out in San Francisco regardless.  He has been dealing with a shoulder injury throughout camp, and has seen very little of the field.  Combine that with playing poorly last season and losing his job to Blaine Gabbert; Kaepernick was likely done in San Francisco.  This latest situation may be the final straw for an already despondent 49ers front office.  The relationship between Kaepernick and 49ers general manager Trent Baalke has been crumbling all off-season.  Obviously this controversy does not help that relationship.

Lack of Performance Hurts Kaepernick’s Agenda

It seems obvious to some extent that Colin Kaepernick owes much of his success to Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman.  It is no coincidence that since the departure of those two coaches Kaepernick has progressed backwards.  The question is; if Kaepernick was still competing at his peak level would his protest carry more weight?  If Tom Brady were to step forward and support Colin Kaepernick, would the conversation change?  It very well may.  The argument would carry a little more validity with a name like Brady attached to it.  There are questions surrounding Kaepernick and his ability and mind-set.  The same questions that surround the person in question also bring inquiry to their actions and agendas.

It will be interesting to see where Kaepernick ends up after all this is said and done.  It will be hard for any team to justify bringing in Kaepernick after this situation.  Possible he does not understand the consequences of his actions.  Right or wrong, this will have an effect on the rest of his career moving forward.  This may deter teams from looking at him due to the distractions and poor play.  In the end, Kaepernick may find himself on the outside looking in, wishing he may have done things differently.


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