New York Giants Near Top of NFL Secondary Market Ticket Pricing

The New York Giants are always a big draw at home and on the road in the secondary market. Today we take a look at some information provided by that measures “Median” and “Get In” pricing for all NFL teams.

New York Giants Near Top of NFL Secondary Market Ticket Pricing

Seattle Seahawks Remain at the Top

According to VividSeats, the Giants rank ninth overall in median secondary market ticket prices.  The overall list can be found here. The highlights of their study are as follows:

*The Seattle Seahawks lead all teams with a median price of $395 for regular-season home games in 2016

*The Denver Broncos are the most in-demand AFC team with a median price of $355

*The Kansas City Chiefs are the most affordable team overall with a median price of $88

The review also breaks down the pricing in the same categories for each team’s home games on an individual basis. The Giants breakdown can be seen here. As a Giants season ticket holder that lives in Southern California, I can tell you first hand that tickets have been selling at a premium this season.

While the Monday Night Game in an Eastern time zone city is always a tough sell, the remainder has been selling like hotcakes at higher than normal pricing.  There must be some good vibes surrounding this team coming into training camp.

Dallas Cowboys Top Draw on the Road

According to VividSeats, the Dallas Cowboys add 65% to the average ticket price of the home team when they come to town, with the Giants tied for the 13th spot on that list.  The New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, and the Pittsburgh Steelers round out the top five. It is interesting to note that 15 teams actually drop the average price when they visit your home stadium. That is almost half the league.

Strength of Schedule Not a Factor

It seems that strength of schedule is not a major factor when determining secondary ticket pricing. I personally dislike the “Strength of Schedule” stat because it is based on the records from last year’s teams. It is calculated strictly from the schedule results from 2015 in this case and doesn’t take into account such important factors as free agent signings, coach firings or resignations, free agent losses or player retirements, and draft picks. It really is a bad basis for any conclusions. But in fairness to the people who did all this work, here are the highlights:


*The Oakland Raiders are considered to have the toughest home schedule, though rank in the middle of the pack at No. 15 for home median price ($174).

*The Seattle Seahawks top the list in median ticket price ($398) and are tied for the seventh toughest home slate.

*The Kansas City Chiefs have both the easiest home schedule and lowest median ticket price for home games ($91).

Overall, this is an interesting look at the secondary ticket market and what you can expect when looking to go to a road game or maybe that one home game a year you can afford.

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