Will Victor Cruz Be Productive in 2016?

Will Victor Cruz be productive in 2016? Perhaps a better question is will Victor Cruz play in 2016? As many fans know, Cruz missed last season entirely when he suffered a torn patellar tendon, and hasn’t played since October of 2014.  Since then he has suffered a calf injury, and now has a groin issue that is limiting his time in training camp.

Will Victor Cruz be Productive in 2016?

Victor Cruz was the apple of every New York Giants fans eye since he had a spectacular break out game against the New York Jets in the preseason of 2010.  He was the hard working local kid that had realized the American dream.  Although undrafted, he went on to be an important piece for the Giants the following year. Cruz pushed the Giants into the playoffs by catching a 99 yard pass against the Jets in week 16, then helping to defeat the Dallas Cowboys in week 17.

He also caught 10 balls against the San Francisco 49ers in the first half of the NFC Championship game, and helped propel his team to the Super Bowl.  Cruz had it all. He had good looks, style, humility, a new contract, and the fans support and love.  Cruz was also about to get an even bigger gift in 2014 when the Giants drafted Odell Beckham Jr., that combination should have been a challenge for any defense, but it never materialized. Since Cruz signed his contract extension on July of 2013, he has played in just six games. when

Another Setback

Now here we are in 2016, and word of another set back for Cruz has emerged.  The hope is that Cruz can rehab enough to be ready for the start of the season, whether it be week one or soon after.  The New York Giants are prepared this time to move forward without Cruz if necessary.

As previously reported they have 12 wide outs in camp.  Now people will say “None of them are Victor Cruz”, but we have to remember that Victor Cruz was one of many not so long ago.  You never know when someone who was unheralded in college or the combine can step in and make an impact.  These gems are found in the preseason and make those games both necessary and watchable.

Can Victor Cruz Be Productive in 2016?

He certainly can be even if he isn’t 100%. With the Giants offense and the other weapons around him in Odell Beckham and Sterling Sheppard, he can be a play maker again for the Giants, IF he can get on the field.  Victor has had an amazing, although short run. Let’s hope it hasn’t come to an end for Victor Cruz on the field.  I wouldn’t worry too much about Cruz after football however, his boyish charm and successful business relationships should serve him well in his future after football.  The Giants hope that begins a little further down the road.

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