Penn State Football: The Beginning of a New Era

It’s the start of a new era of Penn State football.

Christian Hackenberg is no longer the starting quarterback of the Penn State football team, and the defense is no longer lead by Carl Nassib, Anthony Zettel and Austin Johnson. Although the undergraduate students have not yet started to arrive on campus, anxiety and questions regarding the new leaders of the team are highly anticipated. But not only are the students of Penn State University feeling the anxieties of the upcoming season, it is safe to say that the seniors of this year’s football team are feeling those anxieties as they start to map out which industry their professional careers are going to be in: sports, or something other than sports.

Penn State Football: The Beginning of a New Era

I understand those anxieties that the seniors are feeling.

As I begin my third year of law school, I understand that this is my final year of my formal educational career. I was able to defer, as we Millennials call it, my “adult life” once I decided to go to law school. With that decision—yes, it’s been a grind but a great one at that. I was able to have two more years to gain experience in an industry that I am trying to break into as well as two more years to have Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, spring break and summer break. It is now time for me to face that same reality by applying for post-graduate jobs.

Deciding to part ways with something that has been a part of your life since you were a child can be a hard and terrifying decision. Although it’s safe to say that that decision has already been made for most student-athletes, the reality of that decision is no less challenging to accept. For many, they have been playing football since they were five years old, and football has been one of the most consistent components of their academic, and possibly personal, lives; no matter where they decided to attend school, no matter which friends they lost touch with, football always remained constant.

Senior Year

We all have our comfort zones, and that’s what makes change terrifyingly exciting. So, to the seniors who will walk through those iron gates surrounded by that enchanting limestone on September 3rd for their last season opener, my advice to you (as a fellow senior, just in a different way) is this:

a) Enjoy the process. Enjoy the roller coaster that will present itself this season. It may not be smooth (quite frankly nothing ever is), but it’s one that you’ll never forget. Do yourself a favor and allow your love for the game to outweigh to challenges that may come about.

b) Give your teammates your best. By giving your best, you’re pushing your teammates to perform better, and when you all perform better, we (your fans and supporters) perform better.

c) Leave your mark. Each person has their on way of leaving an impression on others. Find yours, and be selfless with it. You may not see what comes of it immediately, but some things are worth not rushing—so be patient.

The new era of Penn State football begins against Kent State University on Saturday, September 3, 2016 in Beaver Stadium at 3:30pm EST.

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