Bo Levi Mitchell Accuses Roughriders of Cheating with Roster Rules; CFL to Investigate


Bo knows football. But does Bo Levi-Mitchell know the rules? There is no question that Bo Levi Mitchell has been the best quarterback by the numbers over the past few CFL seasons. He’s a very talented young man. If he has a long CFL career and continues his assault on the stats sheets, like he’s done since taking the starter’s job with the Calgary Stampeders, he’ll eventually hold most of the league’s passing records.

Bo Levi Mitchell Accuses Roughriders of Cheating with Roster Rules; CFL to Investigate

On a quiet Tuesday in the CFL comes this tweet, from Mitchell’s account, accusing a fellow CFL team of cheating essentially with salary cap and roster rules.

The Stampeders and Saskatchewan Roughriders are currently in the middle of a home-and-home series, in which the Stamps won the first game. The second game is this coming Saturday. Mitchell’s accusation that his west division foes are stashing players on but mostly off registered lists adds some real heat to the rivalry.

Rider fans, in typical form, raced to defend their football team, and reactions from around the league poured in…

Mitchell obliged The Dude. Several times in fact, including the following…

Was Mitchell Correct?

The CFL’s response is what’s important now. TSN’s Dave Naylor shed light on where they currently stand:

For his part, Chris Jones has denied all accusations.

Where do we go from here

If Mitchell is wrong then put him in a pile with all the other people that don’t know the difference between cheating and using loopholes to gain a competitive advantage within the rules.  If he’s wrong then he’ll be served one of the biggest pots of crow soup you’ve ever seen by the nation of Rider fans.  He might even deserve the fine that the Dude requested.

However, if he’s right, the Riders should be punished accordingly. If he’s right he should be called “brave” and Rider fans should thank him for blowing up a bad situation before it gets worse. That’s easy to say because no one wants to win if cheating is what it takes to get you there. With the Riders already being fined once for a different rules violation (not having enough National players to meet the ratio on the field); if this second accusation is proven, it will be really bad for Chris Jones and the Riders front office.

So; does Bo know the rules? We will know soon!



  1. As I thought he lives in Regina so this response is not surprising. Riders fans only know how to belittle others because they are big losers again this year and I see the next few years as well.

    • What is not surprising about the response?

      What exactly did he say that was wrong?

      If Mitchell is wrong, then he should be fined.
      If the Riders broke the rules then they should be disciplined.

      Fact is you don’t know if the Riders broke rules, I don’t know if they did or didn’t and neither does the writer.

      We will all have to wait for the CFL on this.

      • Looks like Mitchell was both wrong and right. His social media rant caused the CFL to fine and continue to look into rules violations. Mitchell was fined for airing the CFL dirty laundry in public.

        What is interesting is that Craig Reynolds apologized indicating that changes would be made, yet logic dictates that he knew for sometime as he is the President of the organization. For someone who is so ethical how could he have known and not put a stop to it before the fire storm?


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