MLS Pick ‘Em 2016 – Week 20 – Toronto FC v. New England Revolution

MLS Pick ‘Em 2016 – Week 20 – Toronto FC v. New England Revolution

Player Points Correct Outcome Incorrect Correct Score
Eric Walcott 17 9 9 4
Joseph Goldstein 16 8 10 4
Matt Pollard 13 7 11 3
Russ McKenzie 11 7 11 2
Ned Joyce 10 6 12 2
Joe Hojnacki 9 5 13 2
Laura McFayden 6 2 16 2
Daniel Sperry 5 3 15 1

This week, we have got a matchup between the Reds and the Revs. Toronto FC is coming off a strong win against RSL midweek, while New England Revolution are trying to course correct after a rough patch. Will TFC continue to climb the ladder, or will New England rain on their parade? Let’s see what the experts think:

Expert Pick Comments

Joseph Goldstein



Giovinco is in fine form and the Revs have been very poor of late. Toronto’s been busy adding depth, so don’t expect the midweek to influence this one.

Eric Walcott



Giovinco is on fire and Jozy healthy balances the Toronto attack. Revs are bad on the road.

Russ McKenzie



2-1 TFC: I think it’s possible that TFC might be on an upward trend now that Giovinco seems to have rediscovered his mojo. Revs? Yeah, not so much.

Ned Joyce



Revs have to figure it out and they tend to play up or down to their competition. It’s Kamara vs giovinco and it ends in an entertaining tie.

Matt Pollard



2-1 TFC: Toronto’s at home and their defense might be figuring it out. Giovinco and Jozy Altidore should be able to do damage on an eroding Revs back like. Kei will get one late, but it won’t be enough.

Daniel Sperry



Giovinco’s on fire, your defense is terrified, WHOOSH. NAH, NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH NAH, NAH NAH.

Joe Hojnacki



Giovinco has been a little quieter than normal (which is still very loud) and Toronto is still winning. I think the too good for MLS Italian has himself a day and TFC cruised to another win.

Laura McFayden



Toronto, I mean Giovinco, has been fire these past few weeks and doesn’t show any signs of letting up. The Revs have been in an odd sort of trade mood and Kamara is still bleh