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The NFL’s Most Interesting Games 2016 (Part 2)

The NFL's Most Interesting Games 2016 (Part 2). Continuing on with the NFL's Most Interesting Games 2016. A look into what makes them so interesting.

In case you missed Part 1, here it is. Continuing on with 2016’s Most Interesting Games…

NFL’s Most Interesting Games 2016

10) Week 2 Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (Sunday, September 18th at 12pm CT on FOX)

Are the Redskins for real? Has there ever been a more fraudulent 9-7 team than them last year? Here’s their 2015 Wins:

Tony Romo-less/Dez Bryant-less/Etc-less Week 17 playing for nothing Cowboys

Does that instill confidence? They beat teams they were suppose to beat, but bombed legitimacy tests: Patriots 27-10, Panthers 44-16.

This match-up should be interesting though. Two things going for it:

1. Two of the last four games have been split by them.

2. Dallas will be without its two starting defensive ends and middle linebacker.

The second point leaves the door wide open for anything. Otherwise it’d be Cowboys favored by 4 or more. You just never know with these two. Just like you never know with Giants/Cowboys or Ravens/Steelers. From a 2014 Colt McCoy shocker in Dallas (20-17), to 2015’s Matt Cassel surprise in Washington (19-16), to Kirk Cousins “You Like That!” memes, anything can happen.

Also let’s settle this once and for all: Cousins is the 16th or 17th best quarterback right now. First it’s Rodgers by a wide margin, then Tom Brady, Andrew Luck/Russell Wilson/Ben Roethlisberger in some order, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Phil Rivers/Tony Romo/Eli Manning/Andy Dalton, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Derek Carr, Blake Bortles/Kirk Cousins… last Geno Smith.

But how much is he actually worth? I keep staring at Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, and Alex Smith next to that $17 million/year mark. Cousins has to warrant at least that much right? A notch below Romo and a potentially huge Osweiler ($18 million), and three levels away from the elite quarterbacks like Brady ($20 million).

9) Week 1: Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos (Thursday, September 8th at 8:30pm ET on NBC)

Winner us! At least from an intriguing start for the season until you actually play it out and you see the Panthers up by 21 at halftime, Mark Sanchez benched for Trevor Siemian“>Trevor Siemian, who’s finally benched for Paxton Lynch. Well, at least they sorted out the Von Miller contract mess.

Also, are we sure the Panthers did the right thing by letting Josh Norman walk in free agency? According to an ESPN story, Carolina GM Dave Gettleman threw out $11 million and Josh countered with $15/16 million a year. Gettleman became infuriated, played chicken, and when Josh wouldn’t sign he rescinded the non-exclusive franchise tag and allowed Josh to seek payday somewhere else.

Are we sure Riverboat Ron’s gambling antics didn’t infect Gettleman? Huge loss for Carolina. Why didn’t they just sign Norman to a long term contract and trade him? Or franchise him, let him sign the tag which he tried to do, and then trade him? Re-sign him and they’re outright Super Bowl favorites over everyone. Instead they receive nothing from him walking.

One last screw-up, Panthers, Patriots not being on the schedule. Can someone tell the scheduling gods they totally botched that!

8) Week 15: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (Sunday, December 18th at 8:30pm ET on NBC)

You know who’ll be in attendance, that’s right: Vontaze Burfict! Now that’s a real BountyGate. What’s the over/under on chopblocks/after-the-whistle late hits/crackbacks coming Burfict’s way? 10? 20? 30?

Anyway, Steelers, Bengals Sunday Night Football with playoff implications, how could this not make the list!

7) Week 6: Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers (Sunday, October 16th at 3:25pm CT on FOX)

Scratching a would’ve been fantastic Week 1 Pats/Cards off the schedule due to undisclosed reasons, and replacing with Cowboys (IT WAS A CATCH!!) Packers (Thank you refs) II. If Dallas’ back-from-suspension defensive ends can generate some sort of pass rush this should be interesting – Romo’s scrambling, Dez’s heroic catches, Jordy’s slot magic, Ezekiel Elliot’s big game potential, skinny Eddie Lacy, Sean Lee‘s playmaking, Clay Matthews playmaking, Jason Garrett‘s clock mismanagement, and never rule out a Rodgers’ Hail Mary!

6) Week 7: New England Patriots at Steelers (Sunday, October 23rd at 4:25pm ET on CBS)

Classic Patriots, Steelers rivalry. Antonio Brown vs. Malcolm Butler. Bill Belichick vs. Mike Tomlin. Brady vs. Roethlisberger. The Pats improved offensive line vs. the Steelers blitz. New England’s EverythingGate vs. Mike Tomlin’s SidelineGate. There’s enough subplots to fill a few Game of Thrones Episodes!

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