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Who is on the Outs for Arsenal this Summer Transfer Window?

As the summer transfer window presses on and on for Arsenal, there could be a few players offloaded. Whether it’s in search of more playing time elsewhere or for some other reason, the complexion of the Arsenal squad could look very different at the end of August.

Who is on the Outs for Arsenal this Summer Transfer Window?

Full-backs Mathieu Debuchy and Kieran Gibbs were both looking like probable starters at the start of last season. However, the Spanish duo of Hector Bellerín and Nacho Monreal rightfully usurped them with impressive displays at both ends of the pitch. At the age of 30, Frenchman Debuchy is in no position to overtake Bellerin, who earned a spot in the Premier League official team of the year.

Mathieu Debuchy

If Debuchy is content with his current role, it would be wise to keep him on the books in case of injuries. Manager Arsène Wenger has publicly supported keeping him. However, if the former Newcastle United man wants a larger role in the team, it may be best to offload him before he causes any disruptions. When a player starts to think more about getting a larger role than the squad’s success, it can cause some issues. Debuchy has stated that he wanted to go to Manchester United last season.

Although it is not certain that Debuchy would disrupt any part of the team’s morale during the course of a season, the growth of Calum Chambers as a player could be the last straw in Arsenal’s decision to let Debuchy go this summer. Whereas Calum Chambers may not have the pace of a proper right-back, he could be used as a strictly back-up option to Bellerín, who deserves all the playing time he can get. Also, Arsenal get Carl Jenkinson back from his loan deal from West Ham United, adding depth to the defence.

Kieran Gibbs

On the other side of the defence, it is the complete opposite tale of events. The younger Kieran Gibbs, 26, was benched for the more experienced Nacho Monreal, 30, and his performances did not disappoint. It is very difficult to replace a player from the starting eleven when his form is so consistent. His defensive prowess and ability to join in on the attack with Alexis on the left flank put Kieran Gibbs out of the picture last season.

The Englishman still has so much more to give in his career. His pace and potential give Arsenal all the reason to keep Gibbs for the season. The competition he can give Monreal for the starting spot will certainly raise both of their play. Together, they can make the left-back position for Arsenal a menacing force for oppositions.

Olivier Giroud

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Olivier Giroud. This includes talk of a rumoured swap deal plus cash for Napoli number nine Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentine scored the most goals ever scored in a single season in Serie A and would be welcomed with open arms to the club.

However, even though Arsenal are very wealthy, it is important that they do not overpay; the alleged price of 50 million euros plus Giroud is far too much. Arsenal need to find more of a fair deal especially after a good showing from Giroud at Euro 2016. He was excellent at holding the ball up and assisting Antoine Griezmann, helping France get to the final.

Loan Opportunities

Along with the offloading of Debuchy and the replacement of Giroud with a more reliable striker, some loan opportunities should be given to some of the promising young players that make up the Arsenal academy. It would be great to see talented youngsters perform in a first team environment. This would allow the squad to tap into some of their potential in seasons to come.


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