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Texas Rangers Trade Options

Texas Rangers Trade Options: The Rangers have several trade opportunities available to them as the deadline quickly approaches.

The trade deadline is closing in, and the Texas Rangers need help desperately. At one time before the All-Star Break, the Rangers boasted a ten-game lead on the rest of the American League West. That lead now has dwindled to just 4.5 games. The major issue down the stretch has been pitching. Poor starting and bullpen performances deserve most of the blame, aside from injuries. One thing is obvious: the Rangers can’t depend on the farm system to pitch them to the postseason. So let’s take a look at some viable trade options for the Texas Rangers rotation and bullpen.

Texas Rangers Trade Options

Andrew Miller

Miller is a stellar setup man or closer, depending on where you need him. The Rangers already have Sam Dyson as their closer. Miller would provide experience and knowledge to the bullpen. Another bonus trading for Miller would provide is that he has a decent contract with some years left. This also prevents them from “renting” a pitcher. The Yankees are desperate for youth to replace their aging roster. Who could the Rangers trade? Well, there are a couple options, neither of which Ranger fans will like. However, they are players that the Yankees would have interest in.

Let’s begin with Jurickson Profar. Profar is the one player that Jon Daniels and the organization don’t want to, and more than likely won’t, give up. The New York Yankees are underwhelmed by what they are currently getting out of Chase Headley. The veteran third baseman has been a total disappointment to this point. If the Rangers aren’t willing to give up Profar, another option could be Joey Gallo. Gallo is an easy sell to the Yankees: a power bat and a short right field fence. Brian Cashman is a sucker for this kind of player. Plus, the Yankees are looking to unload Carlos Beltran at the deadline. Gallo’s bat would give the Yankees an option in the outfield and first base. The Rangers should jump at the opportunity. The Yankees GM and ownership are at odds on which direction to take with the team.

Rich Hill

Right now, multiple teams are in the hunt for Hill’s services. After the Rangers lost Colby Lewis to injury, a glaring void appeared in the roster. Lewis was having arguably one of his best seasons. The problem with trading Hill is that the Oakland A’s are going to want more than the Rangers are willing to give up. There is always a chance that Jon Daniels could surprise everyone. Daniels has a knack for deadline deals. At the end of the day, however, Rich Hill will probably stay in Oakland. Any general manager will have to spend a small fortune to get him, and there are few willing to do that.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, the A’s are going to ask for Profar and another player. Hill just isn’t worth giving up all that. There are other options that could be offered, however. Daniels should find a way to possibly pair Elvis Andrus or Mitch Moreland in an attempt to acquire Hill. The Rangers are going to have to eat some of Andrus’ contract for Oakland to consider the trade. The probability of Daniels pulling the deal off is minimal. Do not forget the Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels deals though. He always seems to find a way. It is not probable that the Rangers will wind up with Hill, but it’s not impossible.

Ervin Santana

On paper, this looks like an awful option, but Santana plays for an awful team. That is unless they play the Rangers, who they own this season. Santana represents a good option to fill in for Colby Lewis. He isn’t terrible, and the Minnesota Twins will unload him cheap. The Twins are bad this season, and fired general manager Terry Ryan earlier today. Rob Antony is taking over the team, and he might be more willing to work with Daniels on getting a deal done.

To trade for Santana, the Rangers may not have to give up much at all. They may be able offer some cash and minor league players. One thing is certain: there is no way they would give up any highly-touted prospects for Santana.

The Rangers need help on the mound in a bad way. The Houston Astros are surging right now, and are closing in fast.  Have no fear, Ranger fans. This organization is a good second-half team, and that is mostly thanks to the leadership of the front office. Nothing has caused that to change. Daniels will find some help, one way or another, for the struggling Rangers.

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