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CFL Week 4 Quick Snaps: Carter Concussion, Durant Hurt Again, Argos Attendance Woes Again

Welcome to Quick Snaps for Week 4 of the CFL season. It is a different look a some of the interesting stories in and around the CFL.

CFL Week 4 Quick Snaps

Carter’s headache could give the league a migraine

During the opening of Montreal Alouettes’ preparation for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Duron Carter was on the field but was not a participant. He stated that during the off-week he had a headache so bad he had to leave a movie theater and was under concussion protocol. In fact, his concussion was so bad he didn’t even remember the touchdown catch that lead to him marching through the Ottawa Redblacks bench and knocking over head coach Rick Campbell. When Alouettes head coach and general manager Jim Popp was asked about the treatment, he made it very clear to the media that Carter was not under concussion protocol but they were just treating him in a similar fashion.

There are a few problems with this situation:

  • If Carter did indeed have a concussion from that touchdown play, as he claims, why was the team not treating him under the concussion protocol, since he apparently would have continued playing if he were not ejected?
  • If the Alouettes are treating a player in protocol like fashion, shouldn’t he actually be under the concussion protocol for the safety of all involved?
  • Carter remembered his catch vividly when talking with the media after the Redblacks game. So unless his concussion caused memory loss after the fact, he was assumedly faking a potential serious situation to set up his appeal argument.

Carter Concussion?

While to most observers, it appears Carter is trying to game the system to not lose a game cheque; the league should have taken a more proactive stance.  The minute Carter said the word concussion, the league should have forced him on the concussion protocol. If years down the line Carter develops CTE, it will be very easy for him to point to this situation and say he wasn’t treated or protected properly by the Alouettes or CFL.

Rider fans feeling Déjà vu all over again

Another season, another Darian Durant injury. The Saskatchewan Roughriders Quarterback went down to injury for a third straight season in Saturday’s game versus the BC Lions. A Rider sideline reporter tweeted out early it was a broken ankle. To the relief of many Riders fans, reports came out after the game stating that it is only a sprain.

Mitchell Gale took over for Durant and looked strong in his opening drive. He hit long passes and threw a touchdown to Nic Demski before half. Then the wheels came off the bus. The Riders then surrendered five straight 2 and outs and didn’t have a first down until the fourth quarter. By then the Lions were back in the game and momentum was not on the Riders side. They ended up getting steamrolled in the second half for a third straight loss.

Argos stadium is half full not half empty

When the Argos moved from the cavernous Rogers Centre to the more intimate BMO Field the belief was it would increase attendance due to the experience. Two games on and its not translating yet. The Argos actually had a 50% drop in crowd between their home opener and their second game at BMO.

There were many factors that lead to low attendance this week. However, one cannot overlook the fact that it was a Wednesday game. The CFL schedule maker did the Argos no favours with a Wednesday night home game, even on the day after the MLB All-Star Game. The random game days in Toronto were supposed to stop once the Argos had more control over their stadium. However, that seems to be an issue again this season.

Fortunately, for Argos fans the new ownership is stable and can weather the storm. Hopefully that can translate to more season tickets and a full BMO.

Line of the week

Wally Buono had more yards on the field than the Riders running backs.”

-Caller to the Rider Post game show


MONTREAL, QC – JUNE 30:  Wide receiver Duron Carter #89 of the Montreal Alouettes falls to the ground with the ball during the CFL game against the Ottawa Redblacks at Percival Molson Stadium on June 30, 2016 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  The Ottawa Redblacks defeated the Montreal Alouettes 28-13.  (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)


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