UFC: Brock Lesnar Responds To Potential Anti-Doping Violation

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On July 15th,  the WWE , UFC and Brock Lesnar were all informed of Lesnar’s potential violation of the anti-doping testing administered by USADA. Brock Lesnar has released a statement regarding the results of a potential anti-doping violation.

UFC: Brock Lesnar Responds To Potential Anti-Doping Violation

In a statement released to the Associated Press, Lesnar looked to maintain his innocence regarding his potential USADA violation. In typical Brock Lesnar fashion, he chose to keep his words short and very blunt.

“We will get to the bottom of this” said Lesnar in his official statement.

Many fighters were quick to go on the offensive regarding the UFC-WWE superstar’s recent drama. Fighters such as recent opponent Mark Hunt and fellow heavyweight fighters Stefan Struve, and Roy Nelson had strong messages on twitter regarding Brock Lesnar.

In a exclusive interview with MarkHunt.TV, Hunt was not impressed with Lesnar’s violation.

“I saw Brock made millions for this fight, more than anyone ever.” Hunt said to MarkHunt.TV. “They say they are trying to clean up the sport, but it doesn’t feel like it.”

Hunt is also seeking further compensation from the UFC for allowing Brock Lesnar to compete. According to reports, Brock Lesnar earned $2.5 million for his bout at UFC 200.

“This is the third time I’ve had to fight a cheater in my career.” added Hunt. “The other two times I didn’t ask for compensation, but this is the third time and I’m sick of them getting away with cheating.”

Hunt was also public with his suspicions of Brock Lesnar and critical of the UFC and USADA in a recent interview with Fox Sports Australia for granting the former UFC heavyweight champion an exemption.

Top 15 ranked heavyweight Stefan Struve was also very animated on Twitter regarding Lesnar’s potential violation.

As one who is never shy to speak whatever is on his mind, fan favourite Roy “Big Country” Nelson was quick to point out a statement made by UFC President Dana White on Twitter when discussing Brock Lesnar.

The UFC had already put out a statement regarding the USADA violation. In the statement, the UFC put forth the response that USADA will be handling this matter in terms of results management and subsequent punishment.

As per the USADA rules, if Brock Lesnar were to be found guilty of failing his pre-fight drug test, the mandatory punishment that he would face would be a two year suspension.

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