Chicago White Sox 2016 Midseason Report

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The 2016 Chicago White Sox are treading water at the All-Star break. Their record stands at 45-43 and they sit seven games behind the Cleveland Indians for first place in the American League Central. This is a look at the first half of their season.

White Sox 2016 Midseason Report

Biggest Surprise

This category is a bit of a toss-up. Twelve-year veteran Melky Cabrera had a great start to 2016.  He is hitting a shade under .300 (.297) and slugging .455.  He has eight home runs, which is only four shy of his twelve homer total for the entire 2015 season, and we are only halfway done with the season. It stands to reason that he may break his personal home run record (18 homers with Kansas City in 2011). Cabrera, while always fairly consistent, is on par to have a season not unlike his 2011 and 2012 campaigns where he had the highest splits of his career.

The next contender for “Biggest Surprise” would have to be rookie shortstop Tim Anderson. Since his June 10 debut, he is hitting .304 and slugging .488, with three stolen bases, four longballs, and ten RBI.   Along with that production at the plate, he also brings stellar defense. With a .991 fielding percentage, he has made only one error in 114 total chances.

Despite Melky’s great first half, consistency throughout his twelve years gives us no choice but to award “Biggest Surprise” to rookie Tim Anderson.

Biggest Disappointment

Starting pitcher Carlos Rondon is easily the biggest disappointment for the White Sox this season.  Coming off of a great back end of 2015, expectations were high for Rodon. He has yet to be able to meet them, let alone exceed them. His record is an abysmal 2-7 accompanied by a 4.50 ERA.  With those numbers being said, it’s no surprise that he has been averaging just under six innings per start. So far in 2016, Rodon has given up four more home runs than he did in the entire 2015 season.

Midseason Team MVP

There is no question that staff ace Chris Sale has lived up to that title, and is the clear first half MVP for the White Sox. Sale boasts a 14-3 record with an ERA of 3.38, a 4.73 K/BB ratio, not to mention three complete games and one shutout. He has encapsulated everything that a No. 1 starter should for the first half.

What to Watch For in the Second Half

Currently seven games back from the red hot Cleveland Indians, if things stay as they are, the Sox will look to battle for a wild card spot. Players to watch are our two biggest surprises, Tim Anderson and Melky Cabrera, as well as outfielder Adam Eaton and, of course, Sale, who is on par to be in contention for a Cy Young Award. The White Sox will also look to third baseman Todd Frazier to pick it back up in the second half.

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