Abdel Nader does not miss in Celtics Win

Abdel Nader’s first two NBA Summer League games did not go all that well, but on Thursday the former Iowa State Cyclone could not miss. Nader was 3-3 with 7 points, a rebound and a steal to help the Celtics to an 87-86 win.

Abdel Nader does not miss in Celtics Win

Abdel Nader had not been getting the most court time for the Celtics this season, but he did get a shot at playing six consecutive minutes on Thursday – something that had not happened prior in the Regular (Summer League) Season.

Nader hit two of his shots right off the bat amongst entering the game, however was taken out after a third turnover was taken the other way for a dunk.

He would later come back in the game to make an and-1, and would later finish the game with 12 minutes of court time. This is just the first time during the Summer League where Nader has not been given the least amount of court time on the team.

He did pretty well with what he had. Summer League does not feature the most passing so getting a ton of shots is a tough thing to do. Hitting all three of the shots is about the best a player can do from the floor though.

One thing Nader could improve is turnovers – it looked as though he might have gotten pulled after his third one, but overall it was the best performance by Nader this summer.

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Main Photo Credit – Getty Images, J Pat Carter