Laremy Tunsil Can Overcome Draft Day Debacle

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Laremy Tunsil has enough talent to overcome his draft day catastrophe. Tunsil had high hopes of being a top five pick in the first round of the NFL draft. Due to a leaked video of Tunsil smoking marijuana through a gas mask bong, his stock fell. He was picked outside the top ten, 13th by the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins took a risk in drafting Tunsil. Though Tunsil may be facing some challenging times ahead, he has the potential and ability to over come. In the long run, this could prove to be an outstanding move by the Dolphins.

Laremy Tunsil Can Overcome Draft Day Debacle

Just minutes before the draft began on April 28th of this year a video was released on Twitter showing Laremy Tunsil smoking marijuana through a gas mask style bong. Tunsil was considered a top five prospect by most experts, and there were even rumors of Tunsil being the first pick. Instead Tunsil dropped to 13th and was picked by Miami. Laremy’s stepfather Lindsey Miller, was thought to have been responsible for the video being leaked. In 2015 Miller accused Tunsil of accepting improper benefits from agents, and consequentially had Tunsil suspended for the first seven games of that season.

Adding insult to injury

Later on that same evening another troublesome post emerged. An anonymous hacker broke into Tunsil’s instagram account. The hacker posted messages from Tunsil to John Miller, assistant athletic director of football operations for University of Mississippi. In these messages, Tunsil asked for money to pay rent, and his mother’s $305 electric and water bill. Tunsil was forced to sit on a podium after he was drafted and answer to the validity of these reports. Dripping with sweat, Tunsil said when asked if the accusation was true, “I’d have to say yeah.

Laremy Tunsil’s step father seems to have animosity towards the All-SEC lineman. On April 26th, two days before the draft, Lindsey Miller attempted to file a lawsuit against Tunsil alleging ‘assault and battery, defamation of character, and intentional infliction of emotional distress’. Miller’s Attorney Matt Wilson sent a summons to the Dolphins training facility, but Tunsil was not there. Though someone signed the summons on Tunsil’s behalf, the signature is not valid. Is it possible that Miller was frustrated at the failed attempt, and released the video before the draft to sabotage the young lineman? Of course, that is all speculation.

All-Pro Potential

Tunsil is an overwhelming player. During his 28 games at Ole Miss, Laremy only allowed two sacks. His 6’5, 305 lb. body is carried well by his quick and stable feet. Tunsil earned All-SEC honors in 2014 and 2015, and was named to the second team in 2013. Tunsil played strong for Ole Miss out of the gate, only allowing one sack his freshman year. Tunsil has all the necessary ability and strength to be a success in the NFL.

It is a fact that collegiate stars receive additional benefits from time to time, whether it’s right or wrong, it’s the truth. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand. Because a family member has a personal vendetta towards a player does not diminish his talent. The NFL and even the NCAA have proven one thing many times before. They are both willing to over look prior controversy or distress in a player’s life if he has talent. If you are good enough, you will play. It’s all about winning.

In the years to come, the Dolphins will be glad that they did not get caught up in the moment, and looked towards the future. Odds are Tunsil will move past this rough start to have an All-Pro career, and will add some much needed to confidence to Miami’s offense, and Ryan Tannehill. Everyone does things they regret or are not proud of when they are young. So for now, let’s not be so quick to pass judgment on Laremy Tunsil. The person Tunsil really is will be revealed and only time and truth can reveal it.