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The State of the UFC Flyweight Division

Over the next couple of weeks, we will discuss how each division is handling their rankings; who should get that title shot and who is where in the rankings, beginning with UFC flyweights.

There is no question that the true number one of this division is, and that is Demetrious Johnson. The man is one of the top pound for pound fighters in all of MMA. He has already cemented his place in history. He has been the only champion of the very young flyweight division. There seems to be no stop for him as he defends his title at UFC 201 against Wilson Reis in Atlanta.

The State of the UFC Flyweight Division

The problem here is that Johnson is so dominant that he barely has any competition in the division and this has resulted in the UFC taking very drastic measures in trying to breathe new life into the title scene. Johnson has beaten nearly the entire top ten and this includes two men that he beat twice which were John Dodson and Joseph Benavidez. Other ranked fighters to get a title shot include Ian McCall, Ali Bagautinov, Kyoji Horiguchi, Henry Cejudo, John Moraga and Chris Cariaso.

Drastic Measures through The Ultimate Fighter

The Drastic Measure that the UFC plans on doing is a new concept for next seasons Ultimate Fighter which would be that the contestants all are flyweight and the winner of the show doesn’t just get a contract, but will face off against the champ Demetrious Johnson on the finale. This is something very drastic and will become a first in the shows history.

This shows two things to fight fans. The first being that the UFC doesn’t seem to have faith in the current fighters in the division and their potential. Secondly, the UFC is likely going to reach out to many fighters around the world to join the promotion. They will focus on adding another contender in the 125 pound class.

Down the Road: The Superfight Option?

There are more than enough fighters that could still court Johnson for fights in the division. However, there is also an option for him that could see super fights in his foreseeable future. Many fans are calling for a rematch between him and the current UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. They fought in 2011 when Johnson was at 135 pounds, before the flyweight division was established. This would be a true super fight for the UFC, which is something we do not see anymore. It would be a nice surprise on a fight card in the future.

But as of now, Demetrious Johnson is still dominating the 125 pounders and he shows no signs of stopping. The UFC is planning an all flyweight Ultimate Fighter season. The winner will face Johnson for the championship on the finale. There are fighters that have yet to face him in the current rankings but matchmakers Joe Silva and Sean Shelby don’t feel as if some of them are ready for that coveted title fight. The state of the UFC flyweight division hangs in the balance as Johnson decides on his next move. The future is vague for now and the flyweight division is suffering with the lack of talent it possesses. Anything can happen in the next couple of months but one thing is certain, Demetrious Johnson is still your UFC Flyweight champion.

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