Planning The Parade: JVR Trade, Blue Jays Failures, Toronto FC Test

This week’s “Planning the Parade” saw Mitchell Tierney and Arslan Siddiqui talk about Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup win. The Penguins have alarming topics to address this off-season. With starting netminder Marc-Andre Fleury in the backseat in the Penguins goaltending picture, and Matt Murray the cup-winning goalie, the boys discuss whether to trade the life-long Penguins goaltender.

Planning The Parade: JVR Trade, Blue Jays Failures, Toronto FC Test

Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos recently brought up the idea of trading elite center Evgeni Malkin to evolve the Penguins and move them forward. Is strengthening on defense and deflecting the cap crunch important for the Penguins? Or should they hang on to the core and hope to win a cup again?

The Leafs gave up on Phil Kessel last year, which was the unanimously correct decision. But Arslan chose to ask the question, “Did Toronto really need to Trade Phil Kessel?” Why couldn’t he be a support piece in Toronto? He didn’t HAVE to be the core piece in Toronto, did he? How about James Van Riemsdyk? Various reports show the New York Islanders making their first round pick available, with JVR a target. Leafs fans, do you want him to be traded?

The boys welcomed special guest Neil Shyminsky, college professior at Cambrian College and big-time Baseball fan, to talk Toronto Blue Jays. Aaron Sanchez is poised to join the bullpen, the Jays are very much on fire, but Arslan brings out the ‘Debbie downer’ in him to talk about a problem in this organization. Do the Blue Jays really have winning aspirations? Comparing every move to the Sox, Yankees etc, the Jays simply haven’t showed as much aspirations as the rest of the MLB.

Toronto FC take on the LA Galaxy this weekend, a team they haven’t beat in five meetings. They’re winless in four games. With Bradley and Altidore out, facing a tough LA Galaxy team, Toronto are very much in tough. Can the Reds grab a point?

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