Red State | Blue State Soccer 02: Euros, Copa, U.S. Open Cup, and More

It’s the Summer of Soccer and everywhere you look there seems to be some sort of match on television. John Harbour and EoS’ Russ McKenzie take you through the first weeks of Copa America, the opening matches of the Euros, and present a primer for the U.S. Open Cup.

Then the boys go over local goings on, taking a look at the Red Bulls and NYCFC as they enter the oldest sporting tournament in North America!

Red State | Blue State Soccer 02: Euros, Copa, U.S. Open Cup, and More

What happens when two colleagues who support opposite teams in the same city come together? Magic. What happens when they support opposing teams all over the world? Red State | Blue State Soccer. Still on opposite sides of the color spectrum, they are united through the love of the beautiful game.

Red State | Blue State Soccer is a place of differing opinions — some of them strong. We not only provide the platform for opposing views, we encourage them. Civil discourse is fading rapidly from this world and we wanted to create media that questions the status quo. It’s a bit idealistic, yes, but if people can respectfully share differing views, about a game that stirs such passion, then why not everywhere?

Red State | Blue State. United Through Soccer.

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