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Yankees Need Help Before It’s Too Late

The New York Yankees sit in fourth place and three games under .500 more than a week into June. It's clear that the Yankees need help now.

The New York Yankees are the most storied franchise in all of American sports, with huge expectations and a massive payroll every year. Yet their record is well below the .500 mark into June.

Yankees Need Help Before It’s Too Late

According to Today’s Knuckleball writer and WFAN  baseball insider Jon Heyman, the New York Yankees are not interested in making any moves right now.

And for Yankees fans, that just won’t cut it.

The Yankees can’t ask for $1,500 for field level seats. They certainly can’t shut out nearly one million (Comcast) viewers. They can’t hide in fourth place. And they can’t be content with a 27-30 record as if you’re one magical player away from a pennant.

They can’t sell the fans on rebuilding when they’ve always insisted that the Bombers would never rebuild. After all, these are the New York Yankees; they don’t rebuild, they reload.

Unfortunately, they’re not the Bombers when they’re 14th out of the 15 American League teams in runs scored. They’re certainly not the Bronx Bombers when they’re batting .238 as a team (also 14th in the AL), and they’re definitely not the Bronx Bombers when they hit only 58 homers in 57 games (11th in the AL).

Something is serious wrong on River Avenue. The Yankees seem blinded by their history and World Series Titles. Perhaps both. But the suits in the front office cannot sit there and act like all is well and good. This has been a bad season in every aspect, from the team’s place in the standings to the Aroldis Chapman moments after he allegedly fired eight bullets into his garage.

The Yankees have to give their fans something, whether its a trade or a verbal assault. It’s time to shake things up. The status quo has become unacceptable, if not unthinkable.

If they decide they want to have a corporate hug fest and agree that there will be no fire sale, fine. That’s the last thing that the Yankees fans want to hear in June. But if they do decide to dangle one of their heralded relievers for a bat, at least they would be trying something. If they’re also inclined to look for one more starter to replace Michael Pineda or  Luis Severino – both of whom are currently having horrendous seasons – go for it.

The Yankees are no longer the best team in their own town. The New York Mets have more pitching, more wins, and more buzz. The last time the Mets bumped the Yankees off the back page was over two decades ago.

Could you imagine how high the volume of George Steinbrenner’s voice would be at a 27-30 record? Missives, monologues, and lectures would be pounding down the sterile halls and walls of Yankee Stadium. There’s no way the Boss would stand pat in fourth place.

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