MLS Pick 'Em 2016 – Week 12 – Colorado Rapids v. Philadelphia Union

MLS Pick ‘Em 2016 – Week 12 – Colorado Rapids v. Philadelphia Union

Last week, Portland ran shop against Vancouver last week, and it saw a couple of writers pick up points, although not one of them predicted that scoreline. Eric pulled a little bit further ahead, and now there is a log jam at 2nd place. Here are the updated standings:

Player Points Correct Outcome Incorrect Correct Score
Eric Walcott 14 6 4 4
Joseph Goldstein 5 3 7 1
Matt Pollard 5 3 7 1
Russ McKenzie 5 3 7 1
Joe Hojnacki 4 2 8 1
Daniel Sperry 3 1 9 1
Alec Rivera 2 2 8 0
Ned Joyce 1 1 9 0
Laura McFayden 0 0 10 0

Philadelphia and Colorado were definitely not expected to be leading the tables about 1/3 of the way through the MLS season, but here they are nonetheless. Colorado has been the bigger story, but plenty of credit should be thrown the Union’s way for turning around a team that has struggled for several seasons. Will the Rapids keep up the pace, or will Philly slow down their western counterparts? Let’s see what the experts say.


Expert Pick Comments

Joseph Goldstein



Philly and Colorado are too hot right now not to find the back of the net, but neither is going to walk away from this one with more than a point.

Eric Walcott



The Rapids have yet to lose to an Eastern Conference opponent, and the Union have yet to beat a Western Conference team. Philly may be 1st in the East, but they’d be 6th in the West. The dominance of the West continues.

Alec Rivera



These two Cinderella teams have many an analyst perplexed at their success in 2016. With both clubs leading in their respective conferences, many will defer to West coast bias. Philly will make this game exciting by getting on the board first, forcing Colorado into a dynamic, end-to-end game.

Russ McKenzie



Philly is not as impressive as their place in the standing indicates. Colorado is the real deal, and they’ll once again show why against the Union.

Ned Joyce



Jermaine is Colorado’s backbone and without him they will flounder. It will be an ugly game but both will get a goal to salvage the tie.

Matt Pollard



Philly did have to play midweek and will travel west to play at altitude, but the Rapids will be without Jermaine Jones, Shkelzen Gashi, and Marco Pappa. The Rapids have also been surviving a few results the last few games. CJ Sapong gets a goal on the road, but tired legs at the back give up a goal to Kevin Doyle. The Rapids home winning streak will come to an end.

Daniel Sperry



They won’t have Jermaine Jones who has really stabilized that team, but philly struggles on the road, and EVERYONE struggles in Colorado. I don’t see philly breaking down Colorado, and they have too many giants on set pieces to mark. 1-0 Colorado on another set piece header.

Joe Hojnacki


COL (1-0)

Colorado’s defense is too good to concede to a team that struggles on the road like the Union do. Expect them to snag a goal towards the end while playing some very organized defense.

Laura McFayden



The Rapids will be without JJ, but they were doing just fine before he got there. Both these teams have been doing so well I’m not sure what life is anymore, but Philly struggled against Orlando on Wednesday and they’ll be spread a little thin.